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    So I have been working on CPA marketing for about a year now. At first I was making some good money, bringing in more and more each day. Then the method went down a bit and I wasn't making much at that point in time. Since that method was bad I decided I needed to try something new so I kept...
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    The Story Of My Youtube Success

    This is some great info. Fester do you have any IM program I could talk to you about it on? Apparently I can't send PMs on here haha.
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    Unethical For California To Legaliz Marijuana?

    I couldn't agree more with DVS one. Alcohol has far worse effects on the body than marijuana. I watched a documentary where a guy who smoked Marijuana often for 17 years had no permanent damage at all. You will never find someone with no permanent damage after 17 years of drinking.
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    FBML Help

    Hey guys so I've recently started working on facebook pages and I got my first page made so I had to start with the FBML part of it. I got my step one down with a little picture saying to click the "Fan Button". I'm kinda stuck after this. What I'm looking for is some kind of help or code as to...
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    Youtube Auto Commenter

    Hey guys I'm looking for a Youtube Auto Commenter. Nothing special, just need one to auto post comments from a single account, with a link to my site. I need one that's either free or has a crack to it. Thanks in advance for all help.
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    sweet thanks
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    I Need More Clicks!

    my friend says "why doesn't he just click it a bunch?"
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    Does anybody know how much you have to make a day to get paid weekly through ADS4DOUGH?
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    Why Windows 7 may lead to murder

    Good long page on how windows 7 might lead to murder.
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    How to increase your traffic with Twitter.

    Austin do you have AIM or Skype?
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    How to increase your traffic with Twitter.

    Ok so I have a movies site, And I have never used Twitter I signed up for the site, because I'm desperate for ways to get traffic to my site. Any help on how I would get traffic from twitter with a movie site? Thanks, Kody
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    I'm a noob who needs help

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to all this Blackhat stuff. I've got a movie site up, set up through **************. I was using Youtube to advertise quite a bit, but now I keep getting banned hours after putting up my advertising videos. I'm really kinda stuck with ways to advertise and I'm in dire...
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