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  1. yassersadiq

    **PREMIUM Quality Accts** BHW Since 2010-Gmail-Yahoo-Hotmail-Youtube-Instagram**

    hey i need 100 acc aged gmail 2017-2018
  2. yassersadiq

    Does CPABUILD steal leads from me?!

    whats your traffic source ? check it maybe bot :)
  3. yassersadiq

    My Google Ads Is Approved But Not Running

    how much you set cpc ?
  4. yassersadiq are SCAM PANEL

    Open a shitlist thread
  5. yassersadiq

    Snapchat CPA

    adult ? and what app you use it for keep requests followers
  6. yassersadiq

    Snapchat CPA

    with any bot ?
  7. yassersadiq

    PayPal to Cashapp

    i think find site for exchange but its high fee or find on facebook for for trade
  8. yassersadiq

    How do they do it?

    yes i see so many verifed sell this service for comment ig
  9. yassersadiq

    Twisted Goddissee's snapchat method and Suspended Domain!!!

    you use app dating bro ? for get traffic
  10. yassersadiq

    [METHOD] Make 500$ DAILY (Unsaturated, no investment)

    you use app dating ! to get traffic
  11. yassersadiq

    My journey to $10,000 for investments using Snapchat

    thanks for share :) its only 1 question ! you follow people ! or use like app dating to get followers
  12. yassersadiq

    $300 a Day With CPAbuild (New Entry)

    bro add me skype i have question yasser_sadiq1
  13. yassersadiq

    $300 a Day With CPAbuild (New Entry)

    can you add me skype yasser_sadiq1 i have 1 question thanks
  14. yassersadiq

    $300 a Day With CPAbuild (New Entry)

    you target Saudi right ?
  15. yassersadiq

    $300 a Day With CPAbuild (New Entry)

    how you access cpa offer for snapchat ??? and for google ads you use video ?
  16. yassersadiq


    i i just need vcc work for adword bro i have here sell all prepaid and google not accpted it
  17. yassersadiq


    iraq bro
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