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  1. bookingsjgoode

    10K a month with music

    what's the max amount of plays I should go for per day on a single track
  2. bookingsjgoode

    10K a month with music

    no more than 30k a day on each song or over all songs
  3. bookingsjgoode

    MARIJIANA is growing near to my family house.

    I would've got a couple gs to test lol
  4. bookingsjgoode

    SPOTIFY 101

    that's obvious no one is trying to chart. people trying to make a roi and not have their accounts banned without knowing the facts. Panels tell us the same thing you just told us
  5. bookingsjgoode

    SPOTIFY 101

    when you say 5-10k do you mean for each song or total all together daily. also what do you consider a song new? 1 week, 1 month, 3 months?
  6. bookingsjgoode

    SPOTIFY 101

    how many plays can I spend across 23 songs without being banned and still get payout
  7. bookingsjgoode

    How many spotify plays

    To keep my account safe, what's a good number to stay out of the dangers of being fraud detected? I have 23 songs currently spreader across 3 albums and a few singles. Would 100k split across 23 songs too much or can I push more? I'm tryna quit my day job so I need to know what I can make back
  8. bookingsjgoode

    [Instagram Mass DM Panel] send millions of IG DM's per day! ~ Spread the word!

    are the dms targeted to people in your niche. I make beats, can the dm be sent to only hip hop fans
  9. bookingsjgoode

    $1,400 down the drain with spotify plays

    Thinking about getting out the music business unless something change in the near future. I spent $1400 and made a rio of $40 dollars. I started getting streams back in June of last year. Took my time and scaled to a million streams in like a year to raise no red flags. Does anybody work with...
  10. bookingsjgoode

    How every type beat channel getting this crazy views in a week or so??

    im trying to figure out myself bro
  11. bookingsjgoode

    My "type beat" YouTube channel

    I recently made a YouTube channel where I drop my beat videos. Its only been up 4 days and I have 31 videos up. I'm trying to get the most out of this as it will be long term. I plan to post at least 5 beats a week starting this month after the first 31 vids I put up. I have videos ranking but...
  12. bookingsjgoode

    Apple Music Plays or Playlist

    Are there anyone up here who can help me get more Apple Music streams. I've searched all over this bhw + google and see others doing it but they don't have a service for it. I'm willing to work a lifetime.
  13. bookingsjgoode

    1 Million Spotify Plays

    Who can deliver 1 million or better spotify play monthly. I need all safe plays and they need to be premium. PM me your price for this service
  14. bookingsjgoode

    Anyone else making money streaming with Spotify?

    you up here cappin' when mfs serious lol
  15. bookingsjgoode

    ANYONE doing Apple Music plays!!??

    I know this service have been gone off the market for a while. Are there anyone who's doing this on their own? If you are, shoot me a pm so we can talk Turkey
  16. bookingsjgoode

    $100k To Invest In ...

    trucking business. put 2 drivers and have them haul otr. you just sit back and collect you can make your money back off 2 trucks in two years max
  17. bookingsjgoode

    Need targeted niche related Instagram followers ASAP

    Are there any seller's who can provide me followers in the hip hop niche (African American)? I need these ASAP. Purchased US followers from a seller and all of them where caucasian or from overseas.
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