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    Friend Bomber - Facebook Marketing Software - 100's Of Features - Free Demo (BHW Promo)

    Quick question. If after a few months I quit the monthly, does the software turn off or am I still able to use the version that I had at that point? Thanks in advance... Corey
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    How to Spy on Facebook Ads

    I don't know about this fbcopter but I wanted to let you know I just posted a BETA of my Social Intel tool that monitors FB ads. There's a free 3 day trial at AffPortal if you guys are interested. So far I have about 10 profiles in there and experimenting with proxies and different methods of...
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    Bulk Twitter Accounts Needed

    I'm looking to purchase good twitter accounts, verified with or with out posts. Doesn't matter. Does not need followers. I would like to purchase them in blocks of 200 or 300 at a time. Will be on going. If you can generate good Twitter accounts in bulk, please PM me. Thanks guys...
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    SMART URL Scraper - 24 Hour Freebie

    yea, you should be good.
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    SMART URL Scraper - 24 Hour Freebie

    It depends on what the site you put into the smart scraper is written. If it's all images and little text, then there is very little to go on to guess good keywords for the site. Like if there is no page copy, no title tags, h1 and mostly images. The smart tool was written for newbies who have...
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    SMART URL Scraper - 24 Hour Freebie

    Ok, you're all set for another 24 (starting 12pm EST 11/20/09)... ~ Corey
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    SMART URL Scraper - 24 Hour Freebie

    offer expired last night... I'll reactivate it for another 24 for you... Please post some feedback so I can keep improving... Any blank pages you get, means that that feature is not available with the free trial login. ~ Corey
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    SMART URL Scraper - 24 Hour Freebie

    I wanted to let you guys check out for free. NO OPTIN NEEDED... Just beat on it for me... I activated 6 of the tools, the other areas are off limits for the freebie. The feedback I have been getting on this PPV Toolset has been very good. ID: 24 hour freebie...
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    PPV Email Submits

    I have had pretty good luck doing pre pop email submits. Like Harry said, they get scrubbed eventually but in the short term, pre pop works good for me. ~ Corey
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    A good URL Harvester/Scraper

    I'm not having any issues from google or yahoo.
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    Recommendation for a GOOD URL SCRAPER for PPV

    Here's an example of what you can do with the SMART URL Scraper URL Scraper that I finished not too long ago. There's also a good quantcast and alexa query URL scraper at too. I have yet to see this scraper time out or over query google or the other SERPs. @harry1970 - thanks...
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    Which networks accept mostly CPV traffic?

    Hey Guys, yes, CPV (Cost Per View) is the same thing as PPV (Pay Per View). PPV was coined by Gauher Chaudrey just after he put together his courses. PPC is Pay Per Click and that is using the sponsored search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others like that. Facebook and Myspace are...
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    PPV and Blackhat

    Here's a bone... get some good software to automate your url gathering and start with some pre-pop offers that you send traffic to from a simple landing page. That'll help you get in the black pretty quickly after a few test campaigns. ~ Corey
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    PPV Formula 2.0?

    IMO the course is good. He added about 15 new videos from the first course and has spurred some interesting new ideas on how to use PPV traffic in my mind at least. The seminar that he did with JVC on pre-pop was good. Can't remember if that was part of the product though. The forum didn't...
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    I installed TrafficVance adware, yet I see no popups...

    TV only works in the states BUT i'm in the states too and installed gamevance. I get popunders very infrequently and not popups. I tried to install it on a VM first so I'm wondering if I got flagged by their fraud checker. I wasn't trying to be fraudulent just do a little covert spying but it...
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    Success with Email Submits with PPV Traffic?

    Hey mysolopopsmiley, thanks for the endorsement. I built a new one late last week called the SMART scraper. It's pretty sweet. Have you checked it out yet? thx again, Corey
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