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  1. retepz

    [Method] Make 20$/day with Facebook + Adult CPA

    good idea. I'm gonna try experimenting with this.
  2. retepz

    Unlimited fresh YouTube videos (my secret)

    pure evil
  3. retepz

    Movie Streaming Journey - Complete Costing from Setup

    I hope you will succeed in this project. Good luck mate!
  4. retepz


    HEY MINE TOO I ALSO DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX... oh here it is.
  5. retepz

    i'm bored at work again

    I'm always bored at work too. Almost everyday I act like I'm doing something on the computer but the truth is I'm browsing online for opportunities to escape this employment situation. I just want to work at home so bad.
  6. retepz

    The Golden Age of Internet Marketing is Over! (What's next..?)

    Let's just revise it to white hat world or gray hat world
  7. retepz

    Lost my job to COVID. Need advice

    Me too. I lost my job since April and don't have any money. I feel like I'm a burden now in the family. I still send applications to apply for a job but don't have any luck. I bought a domain from my last money in paypal and right now I build a website in order for me to get passive income when...
  8. retepz

    [Journey] Building A QUIZ Site To Beat My Laziness & Earn $10 Per Day

    Good luck to your journey mate. Me too is lazy and I think I'm lazier than you. And now I'm keeping my self looking for any ideas and will start to do hardworks as soon as I created a plan.
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