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  1. WadeyX

    ★★ Highly Researched Product Reviews/Money Site Content for Affiliate Marketers ★★

    Samples please for a Buying Guide/Top 10 Article, thanks!
  2. WadeyX

    Thread Relaunched!! High Quality Articles At $3.5 per 500 words- Discounts Available

    Sample of Buying Guide/Product reviews please!
  3. WadeyX

    [Authority Content, Amazon Reviews & More - Content That Converts!]

    As above, can you please send me a sample of amazon products. Thank you
  4. WadeyX

    How To Create An Authority Site - Solid Site Foundation

    I think a guide to your SEO if possible? How long does it take you to get a site to earning $50 a day? And do you backlink one authority site post to another authority site post? Or is it just domain homepage to another domain homepage?
  5. WadeyX

    [Video] Matt Cutt's says don't just focus on SEO

    To be honest, there's one clear message that he's trying to send out to people. Create an Authority site, with top quality content, in order to see good search engine results.
  6. WadeyX

    [Journey] From College Zero to College Hero Making an Authority Site from Scratch

    Hey Mate, It's all good copy and pasting someone else's guide to backlinking, just credit it at least at the bottom! (
  7. WadeyX

    How To Create An Authority Site - Solid Site Foundation

    Any Chance of a reply on these? Also, I presume you own your own private blog network? How many blogs are in that? Thanks
  8. WadeyX

    Best way to go about moving site to new domain?

    BackupBuddy Wordpress Plugin, I wouldn't act to drastically yet. I had a few sites drop in rankings, however today i've seen keywords climbing again. Give it time first.
  9. WadeyX

    [GET] .COM GoDaddy Coupon Codes!

    Will update this as I get some! $0.99 .com Domain - ROCKET99 $2 off .com - FB99COM $0.99 .com - SMB99F $1.99 .com Domain - CJCRMN199 All work for me, let me know if they don't for you! And I'll try to find another!
  10. WadeyX

    Google update just now? 10/4?

    Mine has dropped from #43 to #136. Then Back up to #91 and now rising up to #52. Just hope, it may return!
  11. WadeyX

    How To Create An Authority Site - Solid Site Foundation

    Great post OP. Just a few questions though, - Is it better to buy an aged domain? To have an effect on long tails ranking straight away? - How many articles are there on a site that's earning you $500 a day? - How long is it before you see money coming into your adsense? Sorry for asking so...
  12. WadeyX

    Looking for Pointers in the Right Direction!

    Do they rank easily? Not sure if I'd make the $200 a day i'm craving either, relying on Google!
  13. WadeyX

    Looking for Pointers in the Right Direction!

    I understand. But I'm somewhat lost! I know I haven't learnt it all, and never will, but I just need to take action on something that can earn me a passive income!
  14. WadeyX

    Looking for Pointers in the Right Direction!

    Hey Guys, This may be a long post, it may not.. you'll find out below! Basically, I've been reading internet marketing for around 2 years, done some action, and had little return ~$200. These are the things I understand: CPA PPC Adsense Clickbank SEO Website Building Blogging YouTube Email...
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