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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Hi The new sites domain is 2 months old The old site which ranks is 3 and a half years old so its quite a big gap Thanks
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Hi Proson Yes, I make sure the sites are in no way linked to avoid this all together Thanks for your response
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Thanks everyone for you help My new site just reached its 1 month mark but traffic is still less then 10 visitors per day, still has a 80% seo score with seositecheckup. Still abit unclear if I should just wait, thinking about buying some likes and links. Hoping with some more social media and...
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    How many articles should I write for a Local SEO site?

    Hi Been doing local SEO for over a year now We just implemented a system in which we blog 5 days a week. Not more then 250 words. I found that in our time zone to blog between 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM ( not sure if this is accurate but we seem to get the most traffic in the day by blogging at this...
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    Meanwhile in South Africa....

    Yea..... I never felt bad about being an Architecture student in South Africa before...until now The cameras always seem to seek out the one person who just shouldn't be representing anything at all, not even that whip
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    New Site, Done the basics, 80% SEO Score but not ranking yet

    Thanks, I'm just beginning to really understand IM, my profession is really architecture. My old site started generating some nice revenue now I can't wait for this one to start.
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    New Site, Done the basics, 80% SEO Score but not ranking yet

    Thanks, I think with some good link building and social media it should speed things along
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    New Site, Done the basics, 80% SEO Score but not ranking yet

    Hi All I just created a new site almost a month ago, I've done all the basics mentioned in the sticky posts above and then some. submitted to google, bing and dmoz. All White Hat SEO Just did an SEO check with seositecheckup and was given a score of 80% but I'm getting about 0 - 10 page views...
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    New Google Update?

    My site has been doing a dance all month. One day its plus +150% the next its -100% of the daily traffic. Strictly White hat SEO
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    [TUT] How To Optimize Youtube Video

    Great share, just about to branch my sites into youtube
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    SEO tools for tracking growth of a website (for beginner)

    Hi I also used to leave the SEO work for experts but its an important skill and its important to have a basic understanding to ensure they are not messing you around. Try SEOsitecheckup its very user friendly, you can check all factors or target specific ones while you work. Selecting only...
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    To my knowledge all my keywords are high competition. Had new content written by on of the members on the forum. The new sites overall SEO score on seositecheckup was 79% but still no were to be seen on google. Going to do abit more seo to see if can't speed up this process with some link...
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    I was curious if there was a set duration, like a rule of thumb. My other domain is about 3 years old but the site is 8 months old. The new site is 1 month old with a 1 month old domain. Will continue doing what I normally do with the older site and hopefully it will rank quicker then the old...
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Thanks will give that try, I thought age was a major factor and that in order to rank I had to wait abit while building backlinks social media
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    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Hi All I started my first site about 8 months ago and within the last two months I started seeing some real changes in my traffic and leads, strictly white hat, no packages or anything. Now I just started another site and wanted to know how long does it take for a site to age appropriately...
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    Updating Website With Fresh Content! Will Google Love These Website(s)

    Have some content written by one of the many writers on the forum, poor content wont help long term
  17. M - Content Trusted By Billion Dollar Startups!

    ***Service review *** Content : Content was of a high quality, nice use of keywords. Everything passed a plagiarism check, all unique content Customer service: Exceptional, the kind of service you'd want when ordering something on-line TAT : I placed my order last week Friday, its now...
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    Experience the TRUE POWER of Social Signals Starting from $8 RAVING REVIEWS

    Hi Just made payment Order #0260 Sale #5071491338 looking forward to see the your results
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    What are the top three white hat SEO methods now besides Facebook?

    Like Darkmatrix said above, adding quality content is a great way to increase SEO Add a blog to you site and have one of the writers in the market place write up 20-25 original articles for your blog (at least 150 words long per article, a good thing to remember that its always quality over...
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