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  1. Merylnoire

    SEO guru needed for a long term project.

    Hi All, We are looking to hire an SEO freelancer to work with for at least a year. We are targeting main cities in Massachusetts and New York. No future promises please, your past work will speak for you. Just submit the best links you've worked on, only those you can verify you actually did...
  2. Merylnoire

    Total Email Auto Responder | #1 Email Marketing Tool

    @TheSlug added you Skype and PMed you here. Interested to upgrade the service.
  3. Merylnoire


    I am interested in 30 VIP blog post. Please PM your price, and what is included.
  4. Merylnoire

    The Dangerous State of Black Hat SEO in 2017!

    That would be the end of their professional career for good. If you are a developer in the valley it's a common knowledge. Everyone is almost aware of it. if you read terms of use and privacy you can see it's there and they mention nothing will be removed. They will need to pull your account...
  5. Merylnoire

    The Dangerous State of Black Hat SEO in 2017!

    Oh it's a very very real. I have a close friend who worked at two of these companies and through him I witnessed what happens when someone misuse this access inside the company. My friend misused the tool once and was immediately put on a notice. But they didn't sue him or made a drama because...
  6. Merylnoire

    The Dangerous State of Black Hat SEO in 2017!

    I can confirm they use internal info for these things. The thing that most people aren't aware of is that they really have access to your account and there is a division that can really go over any personal thing you shared. Nothing ever gets removed from gmail, Facebook, and twitter. The...
  7. Merylnoire

    hi guys

    welcome on board
  8. Merylnoire

    FB Group comment poster NEEDED

    Hi I am looking for a service to automate comment posting in specific groups. If you are offering this service please include your link. If you do not have a site or cannot show a sample do not bother.
  9. Merylnoire

    FB auto group members delete SCRIPT *INSIDE*

    Hey guys, So I was trying to grow one of the groups on Facebook by purchasing members but unfortunately they were all indian profiles. It looked SO FAKE. I was stuck because I needed diversity and we are based in U.S. and I CANNOT close FB group, so the only way to fix this is by deleting...
  10. Merylnoire

    FB Group Members Joins

    Really ? No seller
  11. Merylnoire

    FB Group Members Joins

    I am looking to create brand new groups on FB and I am looking to have between 40k and 60k members joining. Did you try any good service? Please recommend it.
  12. Merylnoire

    new method to Grow your new Fan page | exclusive on BHW

    Interesting..i will try it and let you know
  13. Merylnoire

    Hello Black Hat World Members

    welcome on board :)
  14. Merylnoire


    welcome on board
  15. Merylnoire


    welcome on board
  16. Merylnoire

    ThePirateBay is Down ! List of TOP5 Torrent Sites

    I would never use Google to find a torrent site..Only
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