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    mass control 2 launches tomorrow - perfect example of...

    Well you were right Teenmoney his product was the BIGGEST launch at 4 million. We are in a supposed reccession but he still at sold 1,914 and brought in 4 million.. This should give you some hope as the recession just becomes an excuse for you to be lazy. According to "experts", the odds were...
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    mass control 2 launches tomorrow - perfect example of...

    Yeah that would be the one Frank Kerns did for Stompernet. I've been watching the videos in the members area and from what I see he knows his stuff. I learned alot from just watching those videos I can only imagine what mass control has in it. I did use one of the techniques for a video...
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    $1000 for Youtube project

    I love newbies....doesn't bother reading or researching just automatically assumes.
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    For People Who Have Sold Products / Services Here?

    My advice is to only allow people with verified PP's. I've personally never had a problem with selling services here using PP. Someone from here did get my Gcheckout banned though..
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    $1000 for Youtube project

    I can do it cheaper than $1000 and have the ability too without getting your account banned. Have 100% success rate with YT...PM me and I will give you the details.
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    CL PVA's Fresh 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Update have 200 FRESH Us IP made PVA's will sell all for $3.75 each will sell in lots of 100 only... Looking to move these quick.
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    How to exploit my son?

    Find something that will actually benefit the parents watching! and if you make money along the way put it in a savings account for your son when he gets older. Most networks have a diaper/kids stuff email submit for parents that converts pretty well you can try that with this video. Say...
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    How to do "intern youtube optimization"

    Well there a few different things you can do. I rank higher for certain keywords than the videos do that have 100K-500K views... If you want massive track your best bet is to get the top honors or frontpage of youtube. If you want people to find your video from keyword/searching. This is how...
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    Youtube is now muting videos with copyrighted music

    I can almost guarantee that someone other than YT made this decision for them. The RIAA are hungry mofos. I'm sure there the ones that stated remove such and such music or we will fine you X amount. I bet it wasn't YT's decision! Record companies don't understand that if it wasn't for the...
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    I need your help to make this video go viral, for a good cause!

    i will see what I can do to help you... come on people it's legit even has the police contact info... You might want to empty your pm inbox though so people can send you pm's. I tried and it's full.
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    CL PVA's Fresh 100% Money Back Guarantee

    CL PVA's $5 each for 20 or less and 20 or more get at $4each Made with g*mail the same password for both These will be fresh as they are made after order is submitted.. Payments accepted P*aypal/alertpa*pay 100% Guarantee,Replace or Money back!
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    Who Wants $10,000?

    Glad to see someone giving something back, it's always good to see! I've tried to do something to give back but finding the people to understand It's not in the form of a ebook is complicated. I wish you and the people involved much success in this adventure. I hope you find and help someone...
  13. S dominating Noobish DP Forum - Ridiculous

    Those pages are all over the net. They must be working because people are copying them and putting there twist on it. Brad , Chedda, Retired Marine, Retired army vet, the list goes on and on. Chedda's LOL "My white fried Devin did the same thing as me and is getting like $3k a month i think."
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    need idea for domain

    You could find someone that makes "beats" as in music on myspace or youtube. Find the person on ms that sells them for say $20 a beat, throw in a CB product on how to get a record deal. Throw a blog up about the music industry pertaining to rap music on the domain, sell the beat and book for...
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    NEW Service that you could all use!

    Myspace Marketing-drive trafffic to your myspace profiles and videos 100,000 targeted profle views $35 Limited to 5 people After 5 price will be $75! 48-72hr delivery time Myspace video views 25,000 $35 limited to 5 people After 5 price goes up to $50 48-72hr delivery time
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    Normal Registration now back open

    I have mixed feelings about the doors being opened to the general public. I would have never found this place had the doors been closed and after being on other forums that are just crap. I would have been very hesitant to pay for a forum membership. Now that have been here and see this is...
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    What's The #1 Thing Stopping You From Getting To Your First $100 Day Online?

    Well from what I have read on here and learned the only problem is YOU. I'm no expert by any means. I had the same problem when I first started and seems at the time I just couldn't get it. I had excuse after excuse after excuse and talked to a few people on here that were VIP's and they told...
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    Does youTube ever ban original content?

    This user needs be banned everyone of his post are these links mods? Meaning dkeekedfdf
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    It's almost the new year and I want to Help a Newbie!

    Ok seriously I've found the 3 people I want to help Don't pm me with your sad stories and what you have done. If your not going to read the post how the HELL are you going to make any money if you cannot even do that.. I see someone post here the other day about FU Newbie... Now I know why to...
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    Hi my name is bob and I'm a Guitar Hero Addict

    Your post is killing me... I'm dying laughing over here... I can relate I love this game and coming from a real guitar player it actually improves your finger speed and dexterity...
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