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  1. Sartanion

    What about Facebook and VAT?

    Nobody? :(
  2. Sartanion

    What about Facebook and VAT?

    If you change FB ads account to personal from bussiness before payment, are you gonna be charged VAT? By mistake advertised as Bussiness for personal reasons. I wan't to pay as individual with VAT, but at the time of ad, I was still set up as bussiness. Haven't paid my balance yet and already...
  3. Sartanion

    When is the FB ads billing date?

    It's like 1,02$ - is it still too small?
  4. Sartanion

    When is the FB ads billing date?

    When does Facebook bills you for ad costs, please? It is said once a month (got Paypal, so it should be automatical), but I should have been billed yesterday (31 March) and still nothing. (It's really small amount, but it still shouldve been billed yesterday. Any tips?) Bit confused Thanks !!
  5. Sartanion

    Your biggest problems right now?

    I'll start. 1: Can't connect with anybody on the deeper level. I run away from relationships and then cry that im lonely. 2: I prolly gonna drop out of University, my income equals to zero. 3: I gained 10 kg, because of Chrismas. :D ... Now you, don't leave me in this alone.
  6. Sartanion

    [?] Way how to find search volumes of any form:

    Is there any way how to get search volume of term in specific form? Let's say I wanted to know how many times was "facebook help blocked" searched in BlackHatWorld search window (just hypotetical here), any way to do so, plugin? Or can you do that only if the website owner has database and...
  7. Sartanion

    LF Youtube HR cheap views - not offering, asking.

    Hey, been to lot social media panels and nobody has that. Anyone (or panel), who can provide HR 10.000 youtube views for about 0.5(.6)$ per 1000? Thanks
  8. Sartanion

    HotS, Overwatch, Warframe exclusive loot + (WoW €15 off)

    (Like appreciated :p ) Just seen this Twitch Prime - part of Amazon Prime, so make new VPS acc and claim Amazon Prime, then get Loot. Didn't try out. Just stumbled upon this, should work, since it's Amazon. Link:
  9. Sartanion

    [GET] Pinterest iMacros follow script - Working Aug2017

    Hey, unfortunatelly Pinterest made some changes about following in recent weeks, so almost every pinterest autofollower script stopped working, so I made something for myself. Happy to share tho. :) Script is far from perfect, but it will do the job. 1. Install iMacros 2. Replace url in 3rd...
  10. Sartanion

    Relaxing Music

    2k17 90% of them not working :D ...
  11. Sartanion

    chillout music

    Wow, nice one :)

    Can I get something or is everything gone? :( xD Ty in advance
  13. Sartanion

    Shortening shortened urls to make money?

    Hey, im sure everyone knows about runing end link to file through clickthru money making sites like adfly, ..., etc. But can you actually shorten link thanks to adfly, then shorten it again with it and 3x more to earn everything at adfly to reach min payout faster? Hope you got the point! xD
  14. Sartanion

    Could this substitute even 20 vps?

    Hey! Not so long ago, I found out that on web, there are "windows emulators". It's like new framework on your pc, that you can work on, like vps from the same pc. NOT TESTED YET, only asking if this could work. Why should this be interesting? There is the idea - if you have old pc / ntbook...
  15. Sartanion

    I need help, godaddy receipt!

    Hello, sorry to bother you, but I am little confused right now. I bought few godaddy domains and I got receipts. In note, there is WWW.GODADDY.COM, LONDON, GB. 7.1000 GBP I bought it for 7GBP, that's right and the value that is reserved for sending to godaddy is also 7gbp, but what does that...
  16. Sartanion

    Whats the ideal starting bid?

    Hello, this question has actually 2 parts. 1: What site should I list domain auction at? I know that best sites are Namejet, Flippa, Godaddy and Sedo, but since you can create auction only at one of these and you can only list them as an offer to the rest, where should I create auction? 2...
  17. Sartanion

    What is my site worth? Official thread!

    Hello, I'm sorry. But I am newbie and I really need help not to over / underprice things. Could someone tell me how much are my domins worth? zenworld org tvshows-online-now org socialflip org matureworld org generaldiscussion org fatalsystemerror org (Excluded . (dot) just in case. :) ) Thanks!
  18. Sartanion

    email marketing excuse?

    It might be not right, but what about using company feed emails? If you make your email template and theme the same way as your current company has, only change logo and e-mail adress slighty, it might work just as well, since ppl trust your old company and they know that design. If you dont...
  19. Sartanion

    [Pinterest] Multiple accounts or boards for different niches?

    Hello! Starting my Pinterest journey, I just have last question I just cant find answer to. Is it better to have multiple accounts for different niches? I mean, If you have only one account for all niche boards (ex. health, PC games, making money), there is gonna be wide variety of ppl that...
  20. Sartanion

    Determining domain worth?

    Found, isn't it at least a bit accurate? (sorry for link, not my page) If there is no tool, how can I determine that myself?
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