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  1. MissAva

    ▶️WHITE KNIGHT SEO◀️ - ✅Spam Free Links✅Low OBL✅High DA and TF✅Fast Indexing✅Handwritten Articles

    Are the coupons all used? Please send if not, I'll order today
  2. MissAva

    Quick Browse Over My Sites

    Hi Guys (& Gals) I just want someone to browse over my (5 or so) sites and tell me I'm going in the right direction. (not my sassyava site btw). Give me advice. Maybe like an hour worth of consultant work. Obviously Professionals only (with adult website experience). Cheers Ava
  3. MissAva

    I Need Payoneer Alternatives !!!

    Paxum is the other one everyone uses other than payoneer
  4. MissAva

    Advice on Link Trading or Buying (Adult Niche)

    For those of you (like me) who don't have a lot of knowledge on what qualifies as a good link trade or backlink. How do I go about finding someone to trade with or buy off? Without being ripped off or buying cheap fake stuff and then being penalized in google for it. I had a look in the...
  5. MissAva - Buy High Retention YouTube Views (Instant Start), Likes and Subscribers!

    All good, thanks for the reply. You have twitter and Instagram in the pricing list, but not in the "order" list?
  6. MissAva

    Need advice on starting a making money move through youtube videos.

    I think a blackhat forum is the last place we would fall for spam and shit like that.
  7. MissAva

    Need advice on starting a making money move through youtube videos.

    Don't use bots for You Tube. Just don't. It won't work.
  8. MissAva - Buy High Retention YouTube Views (Instant Start), Likes and Subscribers!

    Everytime I come onto Blackhat I find something new to help me out, ok so I'm being lazy and not reading 122 pages of this thread. Any blackhat discounts?
  9. MissAva

    Is it leggit to reuse phone numbers?

    I've used the same number for 3 separate accounts with no trouble?
  10. MissAva

    Snapchat SFS? 8k views

    Sure - Don't have skype - You can message me through my site though.
  11. MissAva


    I agree with the above, my old snap was deleted (for nudity... merrrr) anyway I had around 40,000 followers, 90% cheap arse young guys who don't want or can't spend a cent.
  12. MissAva

    Adult Friendly Video Player for Wordpress

    Hi Guys, Hoping for someone to help, I want to put some of my videos on my website (it's a wordpress site) for people to view for free (Pref Stream and not download, but I know they still will). What video plugin would you recommend that's adult friendly? Thanks Ava
  13. MissAva

    Looking for Adult Retweeters

    I don't have skype. Thanks guys I got what I wanted.
  14. MissAva

    Looking for Adult Retweeters

    I already use Trending hasttags thanks and most Paid for retweets off places like Fiverr (which I have used) are full of shit and too many fake accounts with fake followers. I also use Massplanner. As I said I'm not a noobie. So back to my original post, I've been reading these forums for a...
  15. MissAva

    Looking for Adult Retweeters

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of the bigger Adult Twitter Accounts could help out with some Twitter Retweets for me? PM me with how I can contact you. (I'm sitting just under 6k myself, so not a newbie) Thanks
  16. MissAva

    Kik Instagram Group 3k-250k

    Kik : Sassyava1 (18K on Insta)
  17. MissAva

    Information Overload

    Hi Guys, I know the females here are few and between, so I'm glad I'm here to even it out more. haha I'm an old hat at SEO, and Website design, (self taught) used to own 3 very successful e-commerce websites back 15 years ago when ebay just started. Sold them for a tonne of money, then...
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