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  1. bumpywowus

    Clickbank Skype Group

    add me as well, bumpywowus
  2. bumpywowus

    How I Make $200 A Day Playing A Video Game (Not A Guide)

    could I get the guide please, thank you
  3. bumpywowus

    Need Poll Votes [Bot Or Rig]

    please add me on skype for more details guys, UN:bumpywowus
  4. bumpywowus

    Need Poll Votes [Bot Or Rig]

    Hi, I basically need a freelancer to rig some poll voting. The Only problem is the deadline. I need it in about 14 hours completed, this could be in the form of a bot, or I'd pay you for a "blast" of votes, whichever is convienent. This would involve A) A simple firefox bot that goes on...
  5. bumpywowus

    Need freelance SEO for French KWs

    Hi, looking for a guy who can do seo for some small French kws, on a multiniche website. Message me on Skype so we can discuss a price: bumpywowus. Thanks
  6. bumpywowus

    How important is unique content, really?

    I was making websites for a particular niche and only got to slot #4 for the main keyword then I got penalized for years. I was only doing sales pages. I went back to the same niche and wrote a lot of unique articles and I'm ranked very high in a short amount of time for those keywords...
  7. bumpywowus

    Made My first dollar in IM.. Feels so good

    First dollar is the best. Congrats
  8. bumpywowus

    How accurate is serpbook?

    Pretty accurate, I've been using it for a year and half or so now
  9. bumpywowus

    [Bear's Network] | Authority and Aged Sites Network | ~400+ (PR >6)

    Excellent service, I know there have been some recent penguin updates but I have benefited from it, now on page 1 for some of my kws. thanks
  10. bumpywowus

    CleanFiles | #1 PPD | Weekly Payments | Viral Profits

    username:myron989 would love approval, thanks
  11. bumpywowus

    need php coder immediately

    Edit: nevermind. I apologize
  12. bumpywowus

    I will answer your questions about youtube.

    How do you produce your videos?
  13. bumpywowus

    FBI will give me $11 million!!!!11!!

    Sooo tired of these threads
  14. bumpywowus

    Ripped off by CashCrateAddict

    Yes, I did. Like I said it wasn't a big deal so I simply got a refund but I'm bringing it up just in case it plays a role in this thread.
  15. bumpywowus

    Ripped off by CashCrateAddict

    SKype logs for proof, payment, etc
  16. bumpywowus

    Ripped off by CashCrateAddict

    To help support this thread, he had a thread that previously got removed for promoting his affiliate link for CLP. He promised to get you started with CLP if you buy through his affiliate link, so why not buy it through his affiliate link to get extra support from a guy who supposedly knows...
  17. bumpywowus

    Affilate offer, with a slight twist

    Hey op, nice offer but just a note you forgot the 'e' in journey in the url :)
  18. bumpywowus

    [Giveaway] Low Comp Keywords for 10 members

    My last name is Davie :), count me in
  19. bumpywowus

    php/html coder

    Closed, thank you everyone
  20. bumpywowus

    php/html coder

    I need a PhP/html coder to code a multifunctional form. Basically, 3 options for Category 1. 3 options for category 2. 4 options for category 3. so on submission of the form, I want it to take account all of the form options the person clicked and redirect them to a specific url based on...
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