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    What is the best Grammar, spelling mistakes correction tool?

    Have you considered hiring a sub-editor?
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    What is the best freelance site?

    People Per Hour looks pretty good
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    I've only looked briefly, but it looks like it's the same low grade rubbish you'll get from any content mill.
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    Freelance Article / Content Writer Wanted

    I'm interested, but can't PM yet. Get in touch if you're still looking.
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    [Content Writer] where would I find someone for a specific book?

    It all depends on if someone's read the books. Try a forum that has a large book-reading audience and you'll be able to find someone good (presuming you're paying a decent amount).
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    Sites to sell our articles

    If you're happy writing for such a low price, places like The Content Authority and Write should be up your alley.
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    Niche Specific Writers!

    The difference in price between generic SEO articles and magazine quality work is huge. If you want the best, be prepared to pay.
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    Being blackmailed to get a page removed. Any ideals

    A few good suggestions in here already: lawyer up or boost the pages below his. Another idea is to create a blog post detailing what he's doing. If you have e-mails as evidence, it may be a good reply to his negative reviews. IANAL, but this may stop you taking legal action against him later on.
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    [GET] Instant Backlink Monster (33.000 Backlinks)

    Downloaded this a couple of weeks ago. First time on one thread it crashed after a few thousand links. A week or so later I put multiple threads and it also crashed, a bit further on. My site still has no backlinks from this method.
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    Domain age weighting

    I've had a quick search for this but no real luck, I'm hoping someone has the answers. Basically, I'm interested in how important domain age is to Google. I know G likes old sites, but how does that balance against good copy, good use of tags and high quality backlinks? I've got a domain...
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    Dominate low traffic keywords first?

    I was wondering about this as well. Say I want to eventually rank well for "blue widget" which is a highly competitive term in this example. Obviously going broke for the straight away would be tricky. I can see the logic in following Viltedali's advice to go for phrases like "large plastic...
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