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  1. Zo0mer

    Site Similar to Groupon

    Hi, I am releasing a site similar to groupon very soon, I have a little online presence, I want to increase it, I have 3,000 subscribers and have not even launched just yet. I have a budget for advertising/SEO/Promotion etc. I am looking for a very target region of the UK, so I dont...
  2. Zo0mer

    B2B Offline Marketing - Specific

    Hi there, I am going to be working with a medium sized company, who produce door looks, padlocks, hinges, eye holes handles, and other lots of door furniture. total of 2,000 different products. The target for these products is large developers/home-builders/large DIY/ironmonger, stores...
  3. Zo0mer

    I post ads, you email

    I have added you to AIM Twisted
  4. Zo0mer

    I post ads, you email

    Hey, I can post ads online, in all sections on Gumtree, you manage the emails. We will split 50/50. If you have any sections you have some ads for, or any section you prefer to work with, let me know and we can hit that section. Looking for 3 to 4 JV's Thanks :)
  5. Zo0mer

    Blackhatworld's Got Talent Winner

    Hey congrats, its a good video :) A deserved winner :D
  6. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    Hey thanks guys, I had a domain name kind of similar to the original offer. Set up a PHP redirect for 1 of 3 different CPA Companies. I have also had another today, 2009-09-19 15:50:26 only a few hours ago :D Which awesomely means that I have now hit $186, meaning I have covered the...
  7. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    Right I got back yesterday, sadly I didn't win millions or anything worth talking about while I was in Vegas. I did however make 2 more sales with the original 150 flyer's I have delivered. Which means the total is sales for 150 of them and around 1 hour 30min work. Of the $175 I have...
  8. Zo0mer

    Cheque Scam

    I read about something very similar here. Regards
  9. Zo0mer

    Professional Press Release Submission | Oldest Seller | 24 Carat Web 2.0 Included

    Hey, I would be interested in taking up your offer for free PR Submission. I can send all details to you via pm :) Thank You
  10. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    It is a free trial offer, I have had 2 sign ups, and I have had 43 page views. It is for around $30 - $40 I have so far delivered around 300, I was thinking that I would have had less hits than that so, pretty happy with it. I am off to California and Vegas for 3 weeks on Monday, so I prob...
  11. Zo0mer

    Ad Tech London 2009

    Yeah I have registered an account, and I plan to attend if there is nothing else to do. Hopefully there will be something of interest. What is it you are doing there? not sure if you want to say.
  12. Zo0mer

    Microsoft Poland - spot the difference?

    HAHAHA, Check out the BBC link above, that still works, made me laugh :P
  13. Zo0mer

    Azoogle Ads - W8 form?

    Yeah you would need to pay taxes, you need to fill in the W8 form if you are from outside the USA, and W9 in the USA.
  14. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    Hey Remote, not sure what you mean, you want a sample of the flyer? Or you mean where I get them printed? You can order samples from the printers, I used Solopress. I am happy with the quality, I would perhaps change the background color slightly, but next time.
  15. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    Small update.. 2 big boxes of flyer's turned up today :) I spent only an hour and a half delivering. I have delivered in the region of 150. I just got back home, and I already have 1 conversion and 2 visits ! Can't believe it!!! I hope it carries on this well. I am going out tonight...
  16. Zo0mer

    Just joined JR VIP today

    Sounds awesome, I can't wait to become Jr. VIP. I am going to buy it for myself for Christmas :D
  17. Zo0mer

    Anyone can understand this complicated Idea

    HaHa, that seems really confusing, check out a program called wordflood, it was useful for me.
  18. Zo0mer

    Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

    Well my 6 rolls of tape turned up... I phoned up and they said the courier arrived early and mine would be in the next delivery tomorrow. So unfortunately delayed. Some how I have managed to get a friend to agree to help me out almost all day tomorrow, so I hope that I can make up the...
  19. Zo0mer

    Ad Tech London 2009

    Hey I was just wondering if there was anyone going to Ad Tech London Not sure too sure if it will be useful, but I am hoping to either meet some interesting people or learn something. Has anyone been before either? Was it any good? Thanks :)
  20. Zo0mer

    Please help me win a brand new MacBook! I'm a finalist plz vote no registr. needed!

    Voted for you bud, down to 34%, but your still winning :D Good luck
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