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  1. yuppy

    Realtor looking for something similar to an existing site.

    I'd like to create a website similar to these 2 sites in functionality. Please explore them to get an idea of what I'm looking for What I'm...
  2. yuppy

    I want to buy Xrumer ?

    I am so sick of xrumer making me delete posters.... wish i knew how to get my forums off their lists. takes like 5 minutes out of my days on one of my greyhat sites. oh well. i know what they are trying to do. cant fault them for seeking a buck
  3. yuppy

    Getting a Forum off of the ground?

    Not much more than a good domain, high search term rank and good content to get a forum going.
  4. yuppy

    how much would u pay for my blog ?~!@#$#$%@^&*(^^^

    start with a real domain..... switch to wordpress... then go from there.
  5. yuppy

    What I bought my GF for valentines day. What did you buy?

    coach purse for vday and guitar hero 2....
  6. yuppy

    I want to have 1000 $

    multiple streams of income. thats how you make 1000/day consistently
  7. yuppy

    What's the best way to estimate traffic?

    cpanel and awstats.
  8. yuppy

    Best business plan software?

    i bought biz plan pro and another one of ebay. one of them was a fake software. so be weary if you are buying it.
  9. yuppy

    e b b b bay

    they arent idiots, tehy are scam artists, grifters. I was selling PS3s and sold 2 of them to nigerian scam artists had to relist the things, but the pirces on them had droppped 200-400 bucks
  10. yuppy

    How To Find ********
  11. yuppy

    2012 The World Will End

    lol you should see one of the user's here site about 2012.
  12. yuppy

    Ebay Schilling

    1) Goto ebay and make a low bid on an item that is under priced 2) Near the end of the auction or not, have a friend bid a rediculious amount. 3) Right before the end of auction retract the bid that was too high 4) The next highest bid wins. Easy way to get stuff on the cheap, but...
  13. yuppy

    Spammer Could Be Fined $ MILLIONS

    spammers are a great part of the net, making money off the idiot, wasting a few seconds of millions daily
  14. yuppy

    Adbrite account on Image hosting site

    well its not illegal. might be against tos. you would have to read the TOS from each company to know for sure.
  15. yuppy

    Buying old domains

    you risk buying one that is banned from google, digg or other social networking sites, or banned as a spam site. But its not always a bad idea, pending the name of the domains. I just stated the risks, benefits -already listed in google -aged -could have backlinks already -could have traffic...
  16. yuppy

    $33,112.80 For One Blog

    EXACTLY. The value of the website is whatever someone will pay for it. No one wants to pay that much for a shitty 2 word 20 odd character domain name
  17. yuppy

    ClickJacking Deep BlackHat?

    GR33N, great post. i didnt know someone really did that stupid office space scheme, and LOFUCKINGL about the QVC thing
  18. yuppy

    Getting rid of someone's Myspace account?

    register an d post bulletins about her that way; that way whenever she si googled you control what they see you could put up swimsuit pics of her (if ya find em) and then she would have them there for life (or 8.99/year) ya can also chop her face onto nudez
  19. yuppy

    Ban On Amazon...

    damn you had me scared on this topic. i expected a ban story. the only bans ive heard of are for ppl buying competing keywords
  20. yuppy

    Everyone has a Price, name yours! is based of a forum member( asking another guy to eat shit, he wouldnt so then he offered 2000 to do what he does in the video
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