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    style a responsive form for me

    I have a static table based form i would like converted to a responsive nice looking div/css form simple job, if you know what your doing it should only take 20-30 min i'll pay 20 bucks via paypal message me with your skype info. has to be done today.
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    Reviews That Stick on Yelp Google Places TripAdvisor And Others

    pp transaction ID :*************7726 ordered 2 it has been 4 days since i ordered, bhw login was down at the time of order, for that reason was not able to post details here.
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    Opinions on EMD and sub sites, what is the best way to rank these days?

    @madgordy, thanks I have been thinking about WPMU as an option. So if I have this right, you have a cart system holding all your data and it is blocked from google indexing it, and it controls the product content to all your other ecom sites. Question, how do you handle the indexing of all your...
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    Opinions on EMD and sub sites, what is the best way to rank these days?

    Ya, I was thinking doing something like a blog network. The think about all these "activity sites", is they will all have a reservation type system and I'm probably going to build a multi-site system to help with changing prices and such on all sites at once. What kind of blog matrix would you...
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    Opinions on EMD and sub sites, what is the best way to rank these days?

    good articles, thanks!. Another thought, how many pages of qualified content is enough, has there been in determining factors, as of late, to the page number formula? Or are we still just guessing and crossing our fingers?
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    Opinions on EMD and sub sites, what is the best way to rank these days?

    So my client has the feeling that building a 100 EMD for his activity brokerage is a good idea. I know that it used to be common practice to have an EMD for each "niche" you are trying to target. But now I am thinking with all the updates to Google's algorithm, is this really the best practice...
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    simple local seo, back-linking and pr... Who wants some steady work. PM me

    Hello, looking to get some constant white-grey hat SEO, have some writers that are doing well but need the footwork done to get some nice linking going. If you do not have experience please do not contact me, must show examples of work along with the steps you took to achieve the results. No...
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    Need a site integrated into the wordpress loop

    I have a site that is prime for wordpress, I have barebones theme ready to take on the styles. Need someone to do it for me real quick. I am bogged down and am having a hard time finding the time to do it. It should only take an hour or so. PM me for my skype to discuss details note: this site...
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    Promote my Tourist Magazine iOS APP (SEO,PR,...etc)

    I have an app that I want marketed. I also have some more seo work, but want someone for this project immediately. PM me skype# for more details.
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    The Key to Productivity and Success

    Great stuff, I've worked with an NLP coach and its amazing what a positive outlook on life will do for you. The Law of Attraction is no joke, the more you feel like something is going to go wrong, the more likely something will go wrong. But keep thinking of success and happiness, and it will...
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    need app developer ios and android to edit existing magazine app

    I have all the files, just need to update the magazine with the current issue. if you have the skills please PM me for details and skype. thank you
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    Need a Vector Character Mascot for Logo. $20 bucks

    Hey Guys, need a Mascot for my site/logo/brand. You obviously can get something off of vectortuts and adapt it for me if your illustrator skills are on point. I'll give some more details after you show me some samples of your work. I'll want a few different positions and profiles, and will want...
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    Need CSS Guru. Move Menu Location in theme

    Need to change the menu structure in the theme "Gleam" from elegant themes. want to float it to the left and make it looks different. I'd rather pay for it to get done then spend hours trying to figure it out. PM me for skype and details pays $50 if you can do it.
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    Need autoresponding chat box made

    I have a great chat bot, spintax, google places query with geo location, great for dating offers.
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    Own Chat bot ?

    I have a chat bot, it queries googles places for local bars with geo location and after about 4 replies it gives a "must register" error with link or any custom message i want to add... PM me your skype if you are really interested
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    Need an css/jquery/html5 expert with wordpress background

    I have a project that I need help completing, Full background images with css floats and jquery easing for page transitions and content floats. This will be in wordpress. Either you can tear apart a theme( I have the theme) and change the menu system or custom design the site and add the...
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    php/java programmer, project 90% done needs some tweaks in the java

    project done
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    Anyone want $50 bucks?Need Someone to Copy & Paste links to online flipbook 4-5hrs of work

    add me on skype and msg me after i approve you
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