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  1. J

    Hello, newbie here trying to help and get help

    not sure if I can message, can't find it anywhere. What you need help with?
  2. J

    [FREE 7-DAY TRIAL] Linken Sphere - multithreaded / antidetect / traffic arbitrage / multiaccounting

    Hey buddy, are you having any success creating merchant center accounts recently and get approved? I need advice, or I can buy merchant accounts from you. It will really help me a lot. thanks
  3. J

    Buy old strong Google adwords accounts. Aged google ads/adwords accounts for sale

    I purchased 4 accounts from OP so far, everything is perfect. My traffic comes out within minutes after I submit my campaigns. I will be a long term buyer for him. Definitely will recommend to buy his account.
  4. J

    I have 50$ in google ads account- how to spend it to make cash

    do you have good supplies of these accounts? if you do we can work together.
  5. J

    Ask me anyting about Google Ads Campaign

    Hi OP, if one of my website is banned (ads account suspended), will the information be crawled and compared to my new site? for example, my contact information for customers such as my address, email, and phone number listed on the webste. If i make a new website, do I need those content to be...
  6. J

    Cheap Web Traffic - $4.99 for 100,000 visitors

    paid for my order but still did not receive any traffic yet.
  7. J

    Any experts in Blackhat Google Shopping Ads? Need help.

    I believe so as well, and they are able to get listed on surface across google as well (Google shopping tab list). I just wonder how they are the only one kisted for the product, if this works it would've been saturated with these accounts.
  8. J

    Any experts in Blackhat Google Shopping Ads? Need help.

    Hey guys, I have been researching a niche (Replica) I work in for a while now and I see someone selling similar products on Google Shopping Ads and was wondering how they are able to do it. What I notice is they are able to reach the top of the Google Shopping list for the item every day, their...
  9. J


    tried to add OP's skype but nothing comes up through search.
  10. J

    Hello, newbie here trying to help and get help

    I work in the replica niche, mostly playing around with google and fb ads, and I have a pretty good background and connection in supply chain. If anyone needs help with products I'm your man. Anything from electronics, gadgets, clothing, fashion, toys and Microsoft software.
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