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  1. HiPurple

    Does domain flipping still work in 2019?

    I appreciate your perspective, but success stories of flipping for an excellent ROI in today's marketplace are all over the place. This thread is a great example. Naysayers throughout the entire thread, but beginner OP flipped it...
  2. HiPurple

    Does domain flipping still work in 2019?

    Actually, it helps significantly in multiple ways, one of the most important being of a motivational factor to anyone who has the mindset to succeed in this industry. Just as with any niche, which does not separate domain investing whatsoever, there is a wide range of business models which...
  3. HiPurple

    What perfume or deo do you guys prefer?

    L'odeur des petits garçons
  4. HiPurple

    Does domain flipping still work in 2019?

    Mastermind - com was just flipped for $325K profit.
  5. HiPurple

    What's my domain worth?

    Congrats! That's an excellent ROI. Glad it worked out for you.
  6. HiPurple

    Should I buy the .com, .org, of the brand I plan to build?

    To protect your brand, yes, absolutely, buy the .net and the .org but stop there. Those are the big three. No tangible reason to seek the other 3 million extensions.
  7. HiPurple

    Applied For Blue Side

  8. HiPurple

    If you travel the world and regularly go to the US/Canada/UK, what would you do?

    Fair point. We haven't addressed gender binary options at the animal refuge center yet, but I shall surely bring this up tomorrow. We certainly don't want to risk our 501(c)(3) status. I heard that Iowa was Heaven. Or maybe that was a movie. You have me rattled.
  9. HiPurple

    If you travel the world and regularly go to the US/Canada/UK, what would you do?

    Male. Preferably one that gets along well with a large male cat. Thanks buddy. Your Christmas present is in the mail.
  10. HiPurple

    If you travel the world and regularly go to the US/Canada/UK, what would you do?

    I always wanted a miniature horse. Can you hook me up for Christmas?
  11. HiPurple

    What would you do with $26000

    All on red.
  12. HiPurple

    Domain Catchers - Question

    The best drop catcher is always the auction house partner for the registrar.
  13. HiPurple

    Negotiate a domain price? - Listed at 395.00, can you negotiate?

    HugeDomains shows as the registrar? They are one of the exceptions to what I said above. Huge buys up expired domains in bulk and then resells them directly. Yes, they do negotiate, but they won't accept lowball offers (they don't have to, they only have to sell one domain out of xxx to make...
  14. HiPurple

    Why do most people fail to make money?

    Wrong astrological sign.
  15. HiPurple

    Happy Holidays, Folks

    Every year, there’s this promise. Some think it’s a crock; others hold onto it with all their faith. But each holiday season, the promise is there. It’s the promise of brotherly love. We hear of the ideal; read about it; sing about it; buy it. We want to believe that a free world with love and...
  16. HiPurple

    Does reselling from bhw work?
  17. HiPurple

    What's my domain worth?

    As much as I generally discourage newbie flippers away from the non .com extensions, this domain isn't worthless as some seem to think. (There is so much misinformation about domain names from people who don't understand the industry). Truth is, you could probably get a decent return on an...
  18. HiPurple

    Where to begin?

    Again, it really depends on how much work you're willing to put in pre-purchase. As an example, if you employed the method that I talked about above (with my dentist), that I've done multiple times over, you could essentially be in business for the cost of a domain registration fee. It's rare...
  19. HiPurple

    Where to begin?

    That really depends upon your income goals and which strategy you employ. I mainly flip liquid domains, but I have the capital to do so. A person just starting out will probably be happy just making 2x with quick flips. Domain flipping/investing comes down to two basic strategies, just as in...
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