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  1. Jason Starkey

    [$5 Trial] We'll Give You 'SUPER-Targeted' Keywords With "NO COMPETITION" For "PAGE 1" Rankings

    Ordered premium package to test. Will order more if good results. #************5373T
  2. Jason Starkey

    Completed Graphic solution -Now Upto 70% off on completed graphic design service - Started From 9$

    Review: I have never known or contacted this member before, and I paid for the service of 3 logos. You will definitely get more than you pay for, in fact I almost feel bad not paying more...almost! Seller was very polite and eager to fulfill expectations. My client had very specific design...
  3. Jason Starkey

    GIVEAWAY 5 private proxies from highproxie

    Interested please!
  4. Jason Starkey

    ---- Free Amazon Product Review Articles for your Website ----

    I received a review copy, and was very pleased! This is my first time having content written, and it was done by someone that was intelligent. The wording was good, spelling was right, and grammar was proper. Very technical which was good for me. It was original, passed copyscape, and was in...
  5. Jason Starkey

    3,000 Posts So Here's A Giveaway.

    I would love a chance, thanks!
  6. Jason Starkey

    How to get first 1,000 facebook page likes?

    Check pm. You caught me on a good day. Note: I am not selling likes or any service
  7. Jason Starkey

    aliexpress to ebay

    For me, I would just not put a tracking #. If the item is arriving before you promised it doesnt matter in my opinion. Yes it is better and more comforting to the buyer to have, but they just care about delivery date in my experience. I just mark as shipped and dont add tracking. These are my...
  8. Jason Starkey

    Fix Grammatical Errors

    How many words? Pm me if you would like me to do it manually for you.
  9. Jason Starkey

    How do you deal with a black hat competitor?

    Hire better people than he has. They are here :)
  10. Jason Starkey

    Do vanilla Visa still work on paypal for verifying accounts?

    I used vanilla on mine, but that was several months ago. Should still work, I use them for a lot. I always have like 10-30 of them in my wallet with $0.08-$2 left on them for free trials, verifications, etc.
  11. Jason Starkey


    Nice service! I received some free accounts from this seller in a giveaway thread, and was happy with the quality! No issues so far with any of them. I will get some things in order and be back for a big purchase as soon as possible! Thanks!
  12. Jason Starkey

    Help with apk android need to mod

    Hey buddy! No worries, that has happened to me many times here too haha! Everything is good thanks for asking, working hard on some new things now to boost my earnings. Message me anytime!
  13. Jason Starkey

    Help with apk android need to mod

    Be careful rooting if you havent done it before. You can brick your phone easily. Make a backup with twrp first. LP will update the patch if it can eventually, but sometimes they cannot. It has to update to match the new changes, you see. Good luck
  14. Jason Starkey

    How safe is selling ig accounts on eBay?

    Why are you leaving?
  15. Jason Starkey

    How safe is selling ig accounts on eBay?

    If he gave the email to you in his ebay message then that should be proof that it was him (although I am not expert on this situation this is just my opinion, and although giving email in message is against ebay terms) coupled with email screenshots showing the flow of conversation from ebay to...
  16. Jason Starkey

    How safe is selling ig accounts on eBay?

    Try to do something like teamviewer with him and record the screen showing that he received item and logged in successfully maybe? Something like, "hey I want to do this with you so if you have any issues, then I can help right away.". Just my first idea. Some ebayers will use the system like...
  17. Jason Starkey

    ---- Free Amazon Product Review Articles for your Website ----

    Hello, I requested one for a blog earlier, but once again some idiot deleted my post claiming that I was trying to sell something (i am confused yet again by this lack of attention to detail!) So here it is again. Thanks for your consideration. Repeat, I am not selling or buying, I am...
  18. Jason Starkey

    Instagram 500 followers + 500 likes + 500 views for free

    I would like a chance to try your service please. Thanksn
  19. Jason Starkey

    A reminder to all about the dangers of alcohol and driving

    If you see triple vision, just follow the middle one :)
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