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  1. Ketywaft

    My Journey to become financially independent.

    For Affiliate marketing, there are many Video tutorials on YouTube to show you how to get started. I will be following your journey thread
  2. Ketywaft

    $10,000 monthly profit. Selling and reselling services. Target profit is $100k profit this year.

    What other platforms do you use besides Fiverr for services?
  3. Ketywaft

    How to make money?

    Develop your skills and sell a service in the marketplace
  4. Ketywaft

    [METHOD] Porn Re-Upload in 2021 (Still Works!)

    Is this porn reupload method still working?
  5. Ketywaft

    Facebook Horny Clicks, What You Could Do With it?

    Why won't it work? Will the account get banned?
  6. Ketywaft

    ¿Earn 150-200$ per month? Please Read

    Check Fiverr and offer your service there
  7. Ketywaft

    Sell Etsy Account Making $1200 a month

    If you decide to sell your account, don't forget to use an Escrow service
  8. Ketywaft

    My Dextools Trending Bot + Your clients

    Send me details please
  9. Ketywaft

    XRP a good investment?

    XRP is not a good coin to hold in Long term or even short term. When I receive XRP from anybody, I always swap it quickly for other better coins in the market.
  10. Ketywaft

    Bitcoin will hit $200K in 5 years

    Getting to 100k would be nice. Let's hope it get there.
  11. Ketywaft

    how much you earned from cpa offers alltime?

    Ok, thanks for letting me know.
  12. Ketywaft

    Perfect Crypto currency

    Matic and ETH are perfect for me
  13. Ketywaft

    how much you earned from cpa offers alltime?

    You made good money from CPA. Does it mean that Imonetise is a bad network? You made just $12 with them.
  14. Ketywaft

    Shaving Leads

    Yes, but it doesn't stop networks from shaving sadly
  15. Ketywaft

    Can I do CPA full time?

    Yes, CPA can be done full time as long as you keep the quality traffic flowing.
  16. Ketywaft

    Ezoic Alternative?

    I'm using Ezoic currently, and everything is fine with them. It is a really good Network.
  17. Ketywaft

    96 GB VPS free for EVERYONE

    That is not nice, but thanks for the update
  18. Ketywaft

    300k SMS per Month / CPA offers

    A lot of people do send sms more than 100k sms. The profitability will depend on the effectiveness of your methods
  19. Ketywaft

    Is there any Ad-center and mediahub alternative?

    I don't think they are the same companies
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