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    The Secret to be featured on the Front Page?

    Hello BHW, As you all know Youtube has changed the formula of the way to be featured on the front page. Before, all you need is tons of views in a short period of time. But now that cannot get you on the front page. I would like to ask everyone's opinion on how exactly can you meet the...
  2. J

    Mobile Views Bot Working Again!?

    Interesting. So how much do you think the company spent on that?
  3. J

    I got YouTube Partnership now I have some questions !

    hahahaha i like that :P
  4. J

    partnership network for cover songs?

    A personally know a network that has signed some contract with the label companies to do 50/50 deal that their youtuber could do cover song. PM me your channel. I'll forward to the people that I know. See if they want to help you out.
  5. J

    partnership network for cover songs?

    FYI, Socialblade is under Maker :)
  6. J

    Mobile Views Bot Working Again!?

    Recently I noticed that there are many new videos in the past few weeks with 10k-100k of views with less than 50 likes and comments... It's pretty obvious it was botted. And interestingly, one of my videos I posted a few months ago just boasted 10 times more views out of no where. I didn't buy...
  7. J

    How did This Happen??????? Please Read

    How would you suggest on the trending part? Tons of likes? Tons of shares?
  8. J

    Machinima vs Yeousch vs TGN

    I know connection with one of those network. PM me your Youtube channel.
  9. J

    A list of Networks to Partner your account.

    Machinima, Maker and Fullscreen are the top 3 Network right now.
  10. J

    YouTube partner (Content ID , Monetization etc) for Music Labels

    Yes, you can. If you have big views with a several good channel. I can help you to connect with a network that is pretty famous on youtube. just PM me.
  11. J

    Monetizable Views?

    Where do you see that Monetizable views on your view stat? I have moentized my videos, but when I click the stat, all I see is just the views? Can you see the "monetizable" views on your page?
  12. J

    Mass Video Uploader

    check on fiverr
  13. J

    Need an Opinion About YT

    Honestly, I would suggest you do something different. Something that no one is really doing on Youtube. There are too many gaming creators and videos out there already. It may be hard for you to break in. I can show you what I do which I haven't seen people doing it on youtube. You can just pm me.
  14. J

    Need an Opinion About YT

    Congrats on your success so far. I would also like to know some tips. However, I don't do gaming, I do more of a music creativity. Please PM me your tips and I will share with you my videos if you are interested. :)
  15. J

    [GET] AddMeFast YouTube Viewer Bot!

    And I just realized my account was on "negative" points for sometimes. Is that a bug or something? I didn't know it can go negative??!
  16. J

    [GET] AddMeFast YouTube Viewer Bot!

    As 8/13, working perfect for me!! Much Thanks! But quick question, when I try to use the Youtube subscribe, it doesn't allow me to do that. It keep showing "URL already exists". Anyone know what's going on with it??
  17. J

    How do people get thousands of views in minutes?

    post a link?
  18. J

    Ways to get followers on YouTube

    You said Theknown has released a subscriber bot?? Can you pm me that article please? I couldn't find it..
  19. J

    New Youtube Front Page design??

    That's exactly what I'm talking about!!! Where are all the popular videos at now?? Can't see them!;(
  20. J

    New Youtube Front Page design??

    Did YT changed the front page or something? I have not be able to see the "regular" front page video in the past few days... it only have "Featured" and "Browse" two options now? Weird... :feedback:
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