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    Need a professional SEO guy for my work

    Hello, I have good high money paying clients and they all want goog SEO I am doing SEO for them, white, black, grey , generic and all but need someone more who can handle load. pm me and start making ++ in your paypal :) Cheers Jam
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    Things I have learned! - Motivation

    thanks to all of you :)
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    The Panda Attacks! Oh My!

    WTF ? hahahhaahahhahaa lol i like it dood!
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    Things I have learned! - Motivation

    thank you to all of you for moving up my moral :) cheers all
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    How much for 1800 backlinks/month

    someone selling it for $50 . you better search BHW seller's area :)
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    JV on Fiverr like site?

    I am interested too. send me details and I can buy the domain name and get started. Cheers
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    FREE 1 PR7 and 1 PR8

    fuck off those who do not thank OP for this nice share!!
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    Xtreme Angela Paul Backlinks Service | Boost your Website Rankings for Just 7$

    Thanks nice services :) report given in few hours appreciated buddy!
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    Help Is On The Way

    thanks good for update :)
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    Investing in Romania

    Romania is good for fucking girls .. nothing more .. I have been there and got fucked by getting my car robbed ... man people over there are crazy !!! beware too much scam out there.
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    Magento Job, $50 for a job!

    Msg me I have installed magento and done most of the work .. need someone to do the navigation and copy images and text from other site and add in mystore.. will pay paypal $50 for this work. PM ME ASAP
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    Torrentday Invitation?

    please pm me one, +Rep + thanks will be given!! thank you.
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    Warez Templates are full of viruses

    well it depends .. I got tired getting some wordpress sites getting hacked all the time .. I tho it might bcoz of the host .. you can never say .. wordpress is something great but it also has some downfalls
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    WOW... New email scam or virus.

    yup me too:x we are on mac and we do not care about virus .. In face viruses not works on Mac :)
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    Would anyone have a demonoid code to share?

    register at .me and it's open I believe for some time :)
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    wtf? Added content to website and lost ranking!!

    Check the site which outranked you :) they must have something you missing :) thats the key .. to outrank your competitor you need something better than them
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    Some Douchebag Blasted My Site with Scrapebox

    It happens, you just keep building nice and quality back links and he won't be able to touch your rankings :) that's obvious build more quality links than trash and you win the war!
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    Got Hacked the 3rd time on Justhost..

    Well I believe you using free themes copied from any free template sites, or you are already compromised .. you better clean all of your plugins, connect to FTP and delete them manually all the folders.. check for recent page code insertion history and install any wordpress security plugin and...
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    this is weird

    check your browser compatibility and other security stuff it happens usually when you uses chrome :)
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    A Lesson in SEO: Link Indexing.

    right I had the same kind of issues .. but working and giving small boost thru diff guys around the web so there are no foot prints left :)
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