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    Angela backlinking, a complete waste of time

    If Angela revealed the methods she used to find high PR sites it would reduce saturation. Anyone know of a good software for this? I rather find my own because Angela an Pauls methods are being used by god know how many
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    help me angela and pauls links-howto index them

    I create a feed by listing all my profiles on ICE ROCKET then I just post them to all rss aggregators. Then I bookmark Takes another 20-30 minutes but I see results quite quickly
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    New Backlink TIPS...

    hmm good luck giveitlegs on your hunt I havent found any under 250 but if you look hard enough you might strike it lucky... :)
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    Anyone can understand this complicated Idea

    no thanks I'll pass and stick with PAR works good for me.
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    Learn how to get .EDU and .GOV backlinks - 27 ******** resources

    Yeh same Taking the time to leave a decent comment is preferred, because I'll know that I'll have a link that will stay there and not be removed. The comments dont even have to be great they should just stay on topic. You could just answer a question from previous posters and a lot of the times...
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    List of 663 SocialBookmark Website

    nice find this will come in handy
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    Angelas And Backlink Service

    Alot of Angela back link sites have been spammed hard lol and have been taken over by spammers, therefore some of the sites have closed registration for new members. Also The backlinks you leave on most of the Sites take a while before google can see them because the url is not SE Friendly So...
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    ******** PR4 and PR5 Backlinks

    Angelas backlinks are ok but need more not enough
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    what is the best structure for an article - linkwheels?

    Hubpages only allow 2 links in your articles, anymore than 2 and your article and account will just be deleted quite quickly. I've found Wordpress Blogs are very strict and if you start posting links on them straight off the bat they will just ban your account and delete your post. To make your...
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    what is the best structure for an article - linkwheels?

    300-500 words use your main keyword in first paragraph of article include 2-3 Random links on bottom of article to your other sites.
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    Fucking Cruel!

    I agree This needs to be stopped. This practice is fucking brutal. If they cant stop this than for fuck sake Where are the Humane Slaughter Laws... I hope it will be stopped but I have my doubts its always going to continue behind closed doors...
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    ==I got married last weekend [pics]==

    Dude I think your taking the Crush Fetish to Far..
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    bullied and then u become one

    "Treat people the way you want to be treated... " Very Good Grasshopper ;)
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    Any one here tried Casino's to make money?

    PPL Please all these systems are cleverly designed to make the affiliates and casinos money not you...
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    Any one here tried Casino's to make money?

    You hit the nail on the head there... ;) That might of been me lol
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    Any one here tried Casino's to make money?

    Hmmm you may like this one it's taken from Derren Brown...,
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    EPN approvals

    To tahoemnts, Get Good old Dial Up baby!
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    $0.6/100words - 100% Unique Content!!

    I received my articles thanks good articles again
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    Demonoid is back in business

    yeh when demonoid comes back up atag12 I'll send you invite for dont worry my ratio will be sweet I'll just donate to keep it alive. so you wont get banned
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    invite me plz I'll just pay the 10 euro to keep my account open..
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