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    Are you happy?

    first time I saw you in a thread not related to porn niche :D
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    Are you happy?

    about all your suggestions above, do you think that they are just another hopeless action to try filling up the emptiness of life, to make you forget questioning and answering the question? the big question is still there, you are just being distracted. Blaise Pascal wrote "All's men miseries...
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    Are you happy?

    You are right. as Richard Dawkins wrote "We, and all other animals, are just survival machines of our GENES", sometimes it seems that we are slaves of our genes, to reach its goal of survival and reproduction. Steven Pinker even given up on figuring out the meaning of life, because human brains...
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    [Question] Research methods to drive blackhat traffic

    What about clicks on ads. the site has thousands of clicks per day!!! day 1: 3 clicks, day 2: 5 clicks, day 3: >1.500 clicks!, day 4: >8.000 clicks!!! wow. What the hell is that, guys? Can we buy thousands of clicks on ads?
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    [Question] Research methods to drive blackhat traffic

    Hi guys, My question is how to know the traffic sources of a website. I know a website that have over 150.000 page views per day. Day 1: 15.000, day 2: 30.000, day 3: 70.000, day 4: 170.000!!! day 5: 125.000 and so on. always >125.000 I know that its traffic is not from Search Engine because the...
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    Finally 20$ / day

    Congrats man!:)
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    Easily find free and unique content for your website

    Could you give an example of "private torrent websites"? I googled but the results didn't seem like what i was looking for. I'm a newbie here ^^
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