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    Hello, friends, I am in a serious dilemma of sitemap updating in webmaster. Do I need to add a new sitemap in Google webmaster when the content of the website is changed
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    Internet Issue

    Thanks friends issue is resolved now! the company actually provided me the wrong info. I've only consumed 5gb till date.
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    Internet Issue

    I will call them for sure but busy somewhere out of the city right now.
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    Internet Issue

    My pack is 599+tax. I didnt pay anything yet as it is not a month yet and they said me to pay only 599+tax rupees for all and for each month. Installation was free.
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    Internet Issue

    I am using the net on my laptop with wifi connectivity. But it remains for only 8pm to 11 pm for SEO work only. Never used youtube. And when the work is done I immediately switch it off. Even the company said that the speed will be 20mbps. One day by chance I checked I was 8mbps but I thought it...
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    Internet Issue

    I don't use YouTube at all. Actually I do freelancing and i use the net for SEO work. If you know SEO, it is only about browsing the websites and signing up and just logging them out. Not more than this.
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    Internet Issue

    Its netplus
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    Internet Issue

    They gave us nothing like the user panel, login panel or else. I think they are fraud and doing some bloody money making tricks.
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    Internet Issue

    Hello friends, I have installed net+ internet in my house and the package is 100gb with a speed of 20mbps, for a month. It's not even a month, mainly 20 days approx and the company is saying I have consumed my 100 GB data package. Is it possible? I am using only in the evening from 8 to 11pm...
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    Upwork Queries

    What if I am running hours meter on upwork and use the tab revolver on the browser to rotate the tab on their own. Will it be detectable? Does it will effect my profile on upwork?
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    Do Youtube videos still work well as SEO parasites?

    For sure.. Even many of the people like the way it goes because you don't have to build up links in piles. It just requires to create a video and there you go.. let people see and come to you automatically. That is exactly how John Marty is doing it at his youtube channel UC2okljFE6RzJvB_7e3fUPxg
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    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    Okay Sir thank you!
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    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    it's a multisite network having multiple site for 9 languages and the file gone deleted is from the admin of the network.
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    Header code deleted in wordpress, how to retrieve it?

    Hello friends there is new query I am currently dealing with.. I was working on-page on my website that is in wordpress and accidentaly deleted header.php codes. Having no backup. Now the file is blank and the layout of the whole website is ruined. How to fix this issue? Or either it is...
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    adiyogi joined on maha shivaraathiri

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    Problem with robots.txt

    Can someone make me understand this: User-agent: googlebot User-agent: bingbot User-agent: slurp Disallow: /wp-admin/ User-agent: * Disallow: /
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    Keywords and Targeted URLs

    Can we rank more URLs for one keyword? For example: If 1 keyword optimized for 3 URLs Or can we rank more keywords for one URL? For example: If 3 keywords optimized for 1 URL Which one is true from search engine's point of view?
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    Why are there different robots.txt?

    I have multilingual website running on plugins. Having subdirectories to define different languages according to the destination. There are total 4 subdirectories with the main website and all are having seperate robots.txt file with seperate codes in them. See the screenshots attached. One is...
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    Wordpress on-page optimization

    Yes I've selected a default image but still there are more images including the default one.
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    Wordpress on-page optimization

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