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  1. itos84

    From 0$ to 1000$ / Month with an Afilliate Website

    Good luck with the journey! How many monthly UV do you think will need to get those $1.000 per month?
  2. itos84

    [Journey] Scaling quality auto generated content with multiple sites to $10.000 USD per month

    I got 3 expired domains: Site 01: 8 years Site 02: 6 years Site 03: 2 years All sites have just a few backlinks, they are indexed and don´t have any ban for spam. Now working on a lightweight theme and optimizing WP. @mdevo recommended Generate Press is pretty fast but I don't like it too much...
  3. itos84

    [Journey] Scaling quality auto generated content with multiple sites to $10.000 USD per month

    Thanks! For the content generation, I am using automated tools developed by myself with Python and also using already available tools for AI. Probably automate some solution with Internal Link Juicer or a similar tool. I decided just to use broad markets for example: Computers as main topic of...
  4. itos84

    [Journey] Scaling quality auto generated content with multiple sites to $10.000 USD per month

    Hi! I am starting a new journey and want to share it with you. I want to create around 50 sites within 24 months, 2-3 sites per month. Initial months will be used for research and improve the automated methods. Domain Buy expired domains with minimum 5 year age. Don't care much about how many...
  5. itos84

    Road to $2100 per Month

    Good luck with the journey, you will not probably see instant results, once you see something that is working scale it up.
  6. itos84

    blackwar85 amazon journey

    How long are your articles? Now I am focused on making articles with a minimum of 1800 words. I know i seems like an overkill but most authority niche sites that post 2-3 times a week use this format and are ranking really great. Also if you make a high quality article you can have some free...
  7. itos84

    blackwar85 amazon journey

    That's great! Congratulations! I would say being constant is a key factor. Don't just make 10 articles and be done with your site. Make 1 article per day instead in a constant way. Also be patient.
  8. itos84

    blackwar85 amazon journey

    2.6 seconds is actually good is you are using a platform like Wordpress. Use pingdom tools and gtmetrix to actually measure better your site speed.
  9. itos84

    blackwar85 amazon journey

    I always love to follow this IM journeys. So far I have earn more money being an Amazon affiliate than with Adsense. @blackwar85: Be sure to also checker site speed and that it loads fast enough so you don't lose traffic because of speed. Also is good for SEO purposes.
  10. itos84

    Beware this is serious....

    Scary stuff. Glad that I am using a Mac for most the IM stuff I do. And on my PC I use AVG (the free edition), so far it has been able to delete most viruses. But overall I don't like antivirus since they use too much resources.
  11. itos84

    I want to create similarcoupon site like this

    If you want to learn which platform a website is using you can look into: You will see then the platform and technology that site is using (that site is using Wordpress). I have used the theme Couponize for some of my deal websites and works great!
  12. itos84

    how to start earning $$$$$ with blog????

    I must insist on new people that want to make money online you basically need two things: CONTENT TRAFFIC At first just focus on making GREAT content (not good, just great), then you can start looking where your audience lives and start promoting your site there for traffic. But first just...
  13. itos84

    What are you using to upload posts on wordpress?

    Yeap, manually is usually the best way to upload for me. Also manually checking that all the format is well done (h1, h2 tags in place). In the good old times with my autoblogs network this was all done by my robots.
  14. itos84

    Blogger or Wordpress (Help)

    First congratulations for having a site that is making that much money in Spanish (have some sites on spanish and don't make that much). Migrating to another platform is a huge hustle and only must be done if you have a really good reason. I understand that Wordpress have better themes overall...
  15. itos84

    Interesting article about Xbox One

    This sounds horrible. No gamer wants to spend $500 to buy a machine that will fill you with ads.
  16. itos84

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    Ordered 600 bookmark services, hope everything goes well. ORDER# P3-00801
  17. itos84

    Is anyone making thousands from autblogging?

    I also think this is a good solution. And you can also mix the mashup posts with original content that you outsource so you stil have some original content on your site.
  18. itos84

    money in forums?

    Godaddy hosting sucks, I am having too much downtimes with them.
  19. itos84

    Amazon- seriously crazy to earn commissions!

    By selling more products per month you can double that commission. Maybe focus on products with higher price.
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