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  1. Rj268

    PBN Links ❇️ $1 Only ♐ Avg. DA 20+ ♐ TF 18+ ❤️ Review Copies Available ❤️

    Received a free review copy a few weeks ago. Recieved 2 links both were written well and were good for tier 2 links. Metrics as advertised. I will be buying some soon to push some tier one links.
  2. Rj268

    How I check PBN links before buying - more important than metrics

    Most PBN links will start on the home page a quickly fall off. If the page with your link isn't indexed, you lose your backlink. So if I see a really low rate of indexed inner pages, it's good indicator that your link won't be around for long. I don't see the value of buying such links and I...
  3. Rj268

    What happens if I bought a guest post for 1 month old website?

    It should be fine. One link really isn't going to move the needle anyway. At one-month-old, I would point the link to the home page.
  4. Rj268

    How I check PBN links before buying - more important than metrics

    This is my process for buying PBN backlinks. Go get some samples or buy a small sample and point them at tier 1. Go through every domain and look to see how the site is built (does it look real?). Check the content, is it readable and looks legit? This is by far the most important!!! Are the...
  5. Rj268

    Is the age of the PBN over?

    Good PBNs still work like they always did. But used and abused domains with spun content are totally worthless. Managing a good PBN isn't cheap and neither will the link be when you buy them. So be prepared to pay. You truly get what you pay for.
  6. Rj268

    Competitor buying fake google reviews

    If you can't beat them, join them. Simply buy yourself some 5-star reviews.
  7. Rj268

    how long it take for backlink to make impact in serp

    Seems like everyone has much faster response times than I'm accustomed. I usually see it taking up to a month for some backlinks to get indexed. Then another month to start seeing the bounce move out and rankings start to climb. Now, I have seen links index almost immediately and rankings...
  8. Rj268

    Godaddy is doing clickbait about the prices

    Godaddy is only good for one thing... a lesson in over priced underperforming products. I have a customer that uses them for hosting, I hate working on those sites, connectivity is slow and disconnects all the time.
  9. Rj268

    Which is more important (On-page seo/Off-page seo), When it comes to e-commerce seo?

    When trying to rank for anything, on page will be your first priority. Then you will need to focus on off page SEO. There are times you can rank well with good on page SEO and links will push it top the top. If your on page SEO is bad, no matter what links you send at it won't get to rank at...
  10. Rj268

    Youtube is full of crap if you search for make money online

    Most of the money making methods on line are coaching others how to make money online. So many scams...
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