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    Wordpress 2.7 - Whoa Admin Section Completely Different Look

    The new admin interface is sooooo much better. The more I use it, the better I like the layout. The old version was so messy and unintuitive. The new version has real menus and things are organized in a way that make sense. So much better!!
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    Wordpress themes download

    A couple more. These are pirate sites which get premium templates pretty fast: Yes, the second link looks weird, but it's legit. Enjoy.
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    Wordpress: Forced Register After X Amount Of Page Views?

    This is an AWESOME concept. I would love to have a plugin that required reg after a certain number of page views. If anyone knows of a way to do this, please please please share!! What a way to force interested readers to commit and get rid of lookie-lous! Thanks in advance.
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    Social Poster - Wordpress

    Traffic Android sounds cool, but it's off the market right now. Even the demo version is unavailable right now.
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    Anyone Still Using Content Generators?

    Hey scb335, Content mashups sound interesting. I'm not familiar with these. Can you point to a page or two (products/downloads). Much thanks.
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    My New Technique for AutoBlogging + Unique Content

    Thanks advancedfuture. I dig this idea. Gonna try it out. Haven't used Pipes yet. Does Google have something similar to Pipes? Anyone know?
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    Good products to master adwords?

    For me, Perry Marshall's Definite Guide to Google AdWords is, hands down, the best eBook on the subject. Perry's other products on AdWords also kick ass. Perry knows his stuff. He has specialized in AdWords since Google started the program. He is a no-nonsense business man. He takes teaching...
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    Spin + Post to Blogs

    You could use JetSpinner to spin the 100 variations. Look at Free to use. And it takes the {asdasd|asdsa|asds} standard format. Then you could use a plugin like ZipPoster to feed your WP blogs over time. You could even go so far as to use a macro builder to automate...
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    Anyone Still Using Content Generators?

    I'm having some success with Unique Article Wizard and Caffeinated Content for my WordPress blogs. Nothing huge in the way of traffic, but it keeps the spiders interested and keeps me indexed.
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    Keyword Research Tools

    Honestly the main thing is to not get bogged down trying to find the "perfect" keyword tool. Any good tool (free and paid) will do just fine if you use it wisely. I've had great success with Google's tools and with Keywords Analyzer. Keyword SEO (free here at BHW) is an excellent tool. Many...
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    What's the 1 piece of software you could never do without?

    So if you left the obvious ones out (web browsers, graphic software (Photoshop, Paint, etc.), web site software (Dreamweaver, NVU, Kompozer, etc.), operating systems (Windows, Mac, UNIX, etc.)), then what would be your one favorite, "can't do without" software? Consider RoboForm as voted for...
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    Must have tools for newbie blackhatters??

    Hi BTheory, You're gonna hate this answer, but here it is anyway. Try the search function. You'll find everything you need to know through that channel. Good luck.
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    SENuke VS Easy Blogger Creater Pro

    I love SEnuke. Buggy, yes. But what else can do everything it does? If you know of anything, please please please tell me!! Mikeay2 - you can get decent version of SEnuke here at BHW, up to version 4.13 if I'm not mistaken. 4.12 seems pretty stable and there is even a portable version of it for...
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    Wordpress Themes: Any Cool Web 2.0 Templates?

    Hi lozzzer. You can get the Thesis theme for WP on this thread: Enjoy.
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    Any Plugins/modules for make Automaic blog/site

    I tried to do this with Joomla a while back and frankly I ended up moving to WordPress for this. Joomla is an awesome CMS, but it isn't quite tuned for autoblogging the way WordPress is. I can churn out a WP autoblog in an evening with the plugins and advice I've found here. I haven't found...
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    Here's the other site that has a boat-load of premium article available for "f-r-e-e" download:
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    HTML pages vs wordpress page

    WordPress with SEO plugins will make your SEO work tons easier unless you are a real master of hand-coding HTML pages.
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    Ideas on how to get blogcontent

    Here's a bit of a sneaky way to do it. Find all of your competitors. Sign up for their email lists. Scrape their blogs. Grab their content. Use a spinner to spin their content into unique content you can use on your blog or outsource the rewriting to a writer for cheap (several folks offer...
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    Wordpress Themes: Any Cool Web 2.0 Templates?

    Here's another good one for premium templates: Yeah, it's a weird link. The guy set it up that way to hide it a bit. Thanks sqlbyte for listing boygj. I've been looking for that site for a while now.
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking

    Sure, or for blog posts or articles for anywhere else. Most folks find it easier to speak than to write. DNS allows you to speak your content. Then just stick it in a good spinner and post as you see fit. Makes content creation a whole lot easier if you're doing it yourself. I've also...
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