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  1. Stencil

    Paxum, Webmoney, Capitalist, Perfectmoney or Bitcoin. Which one is good enough to receive my affiliate payment?

    So, I made a little over $100 in last 30-40 days via CPA and I decided to withdraw the cash but not sure which one to choose. Please advice based on your experience. (P.S. I do not have account on any of them yet, I am a (P.P.S the money is supposed to be received in India :) ) TIA
  2. Stencil

    You are not a blackhat if adsense never banned you for this...

    That's one way of understanding it :p
  3. Stencil

    Look what this little sh#t has done!!!

    Feel sorry for you man.. You couldnt have known, but running backups isnt so hard. Many hosting providers have an automated tool for that.. With a few adjustments, you can schedule them.
  4. Stencil

    won a domain in Godaddy auction, how to cancel it?

    Dude, just get the domain and resell it afterwards. The amount of trouble its causing and the methods and procedures you'll have to go through to avoid the charge is heck lot.. Trust me, buying the domain is an easy way out, because you can still make money and recover some if not all of that...
  5. Stencil

    [Sunday Giveaway] outlived classifieds free 125x125px banner giveaway is back

    This is probably one of the most useful giveaways in the recent times I am interested mate.. Hit me up please.. I am applying for this
  6. Stencil

    Why does views and subs decrease?

    Everyone has pointed out and if you are smart, you have realized this already. Fire your so called SEO Manager, because he ain't managing shit but your YT channel is sure going to shit if this continues. You must ask him to compile a report of his "managing activity" the places where he has...
  7. Stencil

    This douche literally copies other person's success for detecting Covid

    If you are an Indian, you ought to know this, We do not lead when it comes to innovation but we sure lead when we feel the need to Improvise. Most businesses in India and around the world survive on this ideology of improvising which basically means Copy --> Cut --> Alter --> Paste It feels good...
  8. Stencil

    How to make video like this? Simple question and answer type

    TBH it looked like a powerpoint show which was converted into a video format and then edited after by adding a music file. I haven't done any of that but it sure looked like it. But who knows, I could be wrong.
  9. Stencil

    Show me pictures of your PC/work setup

    I dare ask, WHY?
  10. Stencil

    What exactly happened to Kim Jong-un?

    Well, someone who has seen quite a lot in past 2 decades, I'd say America will survive even the harshest of times. Their spy agencies do a bang up job in breaking and patching numerous organizations around the world. Their diplomatic policies go hand in hand. NO matter who's government is it...
  11. Stencil

    What exactly happened to Kim Jong-un?

    China is a bully, You don't know shit about Geo Politics if you think China is a saint. After all that reading about America's aggression, I assumed you know better since I agree word to word on America's politics and the War mongering behavior. P.S China is our neighbor and being an Indian I...
  12. Stencil

    Received a cease and desist letter in the mail...

    In my experience, Lawyers, doctors and Policemen are professionals in scaring people. They dont often do any harm until that's the only thing they can.. Whether its that lawyer that sent you this email or the one which is helping you right now, I can bet dollars to donuts, they aren't taking...
  13. Stencil

    Your favourite bollywood film?

    A wednesday
  14. Stencil

    Hello Just asking questions.

    your reply didn't qualify to be an answer, anywho Cheers!
  15. Stencil

    Only for Indians! say truth How much do you earn online?

    TBH before this corona lockdown in India, it was close to 2.8-300k/month But after this pandemic, I think its going to drop like a stone since the market will take months,if not years to recover
  16. Stencil

    Hello Just asking questions.

    Yeah.. depends which kind of puzzles? the 2 year old kid kind of puzzles where we use toys? OR the puzzling stories? OR Word puzzles which we get in the Newspapers? OR something like Sudoku? Be specific, will ya?
  17. Stencil

    How is panic over coronavirus affecting you?

    My business took a hit, a Big one in fact. Since the lockdown in India was announced, people were assigned WFH tasks but in my niche(blackhat) it can't be done from home. People have trust issues amongst their sales guys and they can't operate without them being physically present. Since that is...
  18. Stencil

    Can i buy such domain?

    C'mon this is not even a question mate.. why will they have a problem.. if the website is not impersonating the similar name, taking advantage of its brand value in anyway, nor if its in the similar business model then I dont see you getting in any trouble. Also the word "Idea" is not really a...
  19. Stencil

    Preferred Keyword Research Tool?

    ahref ALWAYS!
  20. Stencil

    [Giveaway] Paypal Stealth Account

    is it too late??
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