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  1. refindyourway

    Where do broken hearts go

    Love is overrated.
  2. refindyourway

    Big Media Coverage Fox,abc,CBS,NBC,DigitalJournal & 400+ {Increase Traffic} Low Cost- Powerful links

    I have just placed the order. Hope this will work as I did buy an expensive package from another seller in the past and lost the rankings I already had :( 1DK0977XXXXXXXXXX
  3. refindyourway

    [BACKLINK CARNIVAL] Possibly Most Loved Backlink Service on Forum since 2013 █ Read our Huge Reviews ★★★★★ (Starting $4)

    Would Ultimate Combo Package be efficient with addictions treatment medical website? Thanks!
  4. refindyourway

    Website lost all google positions after CMS changes

    Hi everyone, I am totally desperate since the only website (about rehab clinic/drug addiction treatment) that was bringing us clients is totally dead. I'll try to be brief: 1. The site is 3 years old: 2. It had up to 600 (real) visitors per day / 450-500 average 3. CMS was...
  5. refindyourway

    10,000 guaranteed human visitors for $4.50!

    Hi, I would like to try it out, for 4,50. Can it go in segments? Like 500/day? Thanks
  6. refindyourway Best services@best price! Guaranteed!

    I've mailed you regarding my booked offer.
  7. refindyourway Best services@best price! Guaranteed!

    Hi! I'd like to place an order for the today's offer. The only problem is that I need to transfer the money from my bank account to my paypall account in order to be able to pay for the service. Can I book my order now and have it done within a few days, after the money gets transferred? Thanks...
  8. refindyourway

    [FREE] Submit Your Website to 2500 Directories.

    Fantastic! Thank you so very much :)
  9. refindyourway

    Does traffic have anything to do with rankings?

    I think that it must depend on rankings.
  10. refindyourway

    Little question

    Thanks for the replies. It is frustrating to pay for the SEO, since I've never done that for the old website. We're talking about website in Serbian language and there was no some seriouse competition back then, but seems I became my own competition. Yeah, nice challenge ;) I would have to buy...
  11. refindyourway

    Little question

    Is it possible to beat a website which is about 3 years older and if yes, how? There is a website for which I did SEO while I was working for that company, and have managed to rank it on the top positions in google. Now I have my own business with the same thematic, and have my own website...
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