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    Fill your Adsense Coffer in 2017 with Micro Niche Websites - Updated SEO Guide!

    Would like some samples, please pm.
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    How to monetize 1k videos/songs of breakdance?

    CJ has some good offers however I don't have the time or knowledge to create a good sales page. But I have some free wp themes and pre-made sales pages I could use... I need something like these products but then for free :p Youtube mass uploader Youtube video creator...
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    How to monetize 1k videos/songs of breakdance?

    Oops - Double post! (sorry admins)
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    How to monetize 1k videos/songs of breakdance?

    Hey BHW fella's, I have been reading this board for a few weeks and I came accross the youtube section. I like this method because it's straight. 1. Video >> 2. Link in video/description >> 3. Sales page. (CPA) Lately I discovered my backup of some old breakdance videos and a lot of songs...
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    How I make Money On Yahoo Answers

    do you have any numbers? like views/sales. I think it's a good method but the CTR won't be that high though
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    Trouble for wake up in the morning!!!

    haha that must be terrying in the morning, nice vid!
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    How Long will Clickbank survive?

    clickbank will always have affiliates, so for years to come indeed..
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    $185,000 Cost for New Domain Extensions? .realtor, .restaurants etc...

    way too expensive for us as blackhatters.., but if you have the money you could register some (possible) popular future domains and make money with it
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    I Love The Smell of Adult Friend Finder Checks in the Morning [Photos!]

    Is adult friend finder displayed on your envelop? I have $300 on there but I don't like my parents to see I got a cheque from AFF haha. But if it some kind of bank then I don't really care! :D
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    Poker Bots?

    I agree with keinehabe, I won't even try this method.
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    Best LCD monitor Samsung or LG?

    Depends on specifications, if you prefer lower ms, you could take the samsung. I have a samsung myself and I really like it. So I would advice a samsung. However is there a big price difference?
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    Who is still working on CRT Monitor?

    24 inch samsung :)
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    Windows & Linux VPS Hosting for BHW Members *High Speed, Exclusive, Anonymous * SALE!

    Ryan, when will you have new servers because I really need a windows VPS
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    Proxy Blog Traffic?

    use yahoo answers. create multiple accounts (tool can be found on this forum) and ask how to unblock sites, or if there's any proxy blog. then answer with another account. don't make it too suspicious and vote your own answer as "best' at the end of the week. don't forget to use proxies when...
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    Gmail / Outlook Express Auto Responder (with delay) for Noobs

    thanks for this method, but I think this requires my PC to be on 24/7? I might buy myself a VPS in that case ...
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