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  1. Georgialim


    Hi everyone, I need someone who lives USA and help me take orders and write reviews. It's easy job, please message me
  2. Georgialim

    SEO amazon listing

    Hi everyone, I'm amazon seller and I need some one who is English native speaker to help me write SEO amazon listing. If you have experience in this field and you are interested , please comment or message me. THANK YOU
  3. Georgialim

    Ask questions~

    Thank you for providing me these methods. I will have a try. thanks
  4. Georgialim

    Amazon review

    Hi everyone, I'm seller, I have free products,which needs verified reviews, any interested, please let me know or message me. US buyer
  5. Georgialim

    How can I open another Amazon affiliate acct?

    Hi there, do you have any amazon affiliate ? I'm looking for this. I wanna corperate with some amazon affiliate.
  6. Georgialim

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, How can I post deal on ? I tried to email their editor, but there is no reply. What should I do? Is there any Dansdeals user ? Thanks,
  7. Georgialim

    Looking for US deal posting channel

    I have a great promotion for the wifi smart plug working with Alexa, echo and goole home. I wanna find some channel to post it. Is there anyone interested ?
  8. Georgialim

    Slickdeal up vote

    I need slickdeal up vote,who can help me ?
  9. Georgialim

    Urgently !!! I need Slickdeal poster and voter!!!

    Hi everyone, I need Slickdeal poster and voter !! If there is anyone can help me, Please comment it or send me messages. It's so urgent. Thank you so much !!
  10. Georgialim

    Hi there

    Thank you ~
  11. Georgialim

    Hi there

    Nice to meet you too
  12. Georgialim

    Hi there

    I come from China. My majoy is business English.
  13. Georgialim

    Hi there

    It's okay, would you mind help me up vote now ?
  14. Georgialim

    Hi there

    Hi there,I'm a Freshman
  15. Georgialim

    SD post

    I need some one who can post promotion on SD. If you can, Plz message me. Thanks !!!!
  16. Georgialim

    I need SD upvote

    I need SD upvote, any one can help, plz message. thank you !!!
  17. Georgialim

    US review needed !!!

    Any one can do amazon review, please let me know, thanks!
  18. Georgialim

    I need someone who has SD account, if you have, please message me

    I need someone who has SD account, if you have, please message me, thank you so muchhhhhh,
  19. Georgialim

    Help, help for promotion

    I need someone can help me share a promotion code on Slickdeal and help me to vote it. If you can do this, please message me. Please !!! thank you .
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