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  1. renu

    Adult Stories Are A Gold Mine To Create Adult Traffic

    have you tried any adult traffic trading? there are some quality threads somewhere around here. you might wanna look into it.. just my 2 cent
  2. renu

    Grand Central Invitation

    This service is available only in the US for now so I won't waist an invitation.
  3. renu

    Valwardon's simple guide for traffic resellers

    So you are saying that the traffic is actually targeted to a certain level as say comparing it with adware type traffic? I'm thinking more like buying some traffic then to use this method to resell traffic. But BTW this is a good report! Thanks for sharing it with us ;)
  4. renu

    Is this incentive script any gud?

    That's exactly what I was talking about a little earlier... I still don't understand if he DOES or DOESN'T have the FSR script, and if he does, what's he's plan?... :confused:
  5. renu

    I would like to help 1000 people make $100+ a day.. if only...

    Just note that if you use CPA's to monetize/drive referrals to, on one hand you are targeting only people from certain countries, but you have a super targeted list of affiliates (referrals) that you can use and develop other advanced projects, but on the other hand you are loosing a lot of...
  6. renu

    Is this incentive script any gud?

    uhmm.. in english.. please... you are rambling nonsense.. centeradsense so, do you have the FSR script or not? If you have it then make a good deed and contribute to the forum... you'r pretty low (1) on thanked. added you on yahoo...
  7. renu

    CPA webpage script

    your more then welcome :) he means fs*revolution.c0m it's a freebies website script just like RAFS but more advanced and expensive but probably more secure... I'm also looking for it but haven't found it anywhere.. I tried wares, google advance search, even special rapidshare searching...
  8. renu

    CPA webpage script

    here's the Pro*ject RA*FS script: now I found this here on BHW and I don't know if it's nulled... you'll have to install it and see for your self. hope this helps :) Renu ;)
  9. renu

    Making money with YouTube and CPA offers.

    I think the best thing to do is ask your AM if they are OK with video marketing. But since you are using a landing page of some sort, prior to the cpa offers landing page, you are somehow protected. Youtube marketing is a vast marketing area. The possibilities are almost endless. You could...
  10. renu

    How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube mentioned before, it gives only views... Actually a good tactic is to turne off the comments as people tend to make lame comments sometimes and you don't wanna waste your time on that. but I still have the ratings problem as it is necerarily to have at least a couple of ratings.. if...
  11. renu

    How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

    Well, here it is guys: * I changed my URL and added h t t p in front * I added the video to T Increa*ser and I went from around 500 views to more then 11,000 (I let the soft run from 02:00 AM to 10:00 AM - that's 8 h) the soft was at 20,000 views when I stopped it. Maybe YTu*be has to...
  12. renu

    How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

    hey! thanks man, great tips... :) ...I was wondering why is it that my URL is not clickable... hmm... a minor detail like that and that's it!... I'm out!.. but lucky for me.. I have friends... at BHW.. lol... :D I just setup YT increaser.. I'll let it run till morning.. see what results gives...
  13. renu

    How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

    Hey guys, I'm trying to make this method work for me but seems I'm not getting any convertions. I stealed this video from you*tube, watermarked it, and re-uploaded. did everything I got from this forum and also from cash* but the results are horible. I got 440 views on the...
  14. renu

    Need assistance in affiliate marketing via blogspot

    I would also like to have some info on affiliate marketing and blogger... I'm just tapping into CPA and it would be very helpful... I could also use CPA offers...
  15. renu

    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    sorry, I thought he meant banned from AFF :) anyway, Lazy Pig is right. do a redirect and you should be fine. And as for contacting AFF support... not a chance!... I wrote several emails asking them various qestions but they never reply.. They only talk to the Big Boys who bring in tons of...
  16. renu

    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    ..thats because they state out clearly you have to bring the traffic from YOUR website...
  17. renu

    === Guaranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable, you can slap if you it doesn't :) ===

    hi guys, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.. don't mean to pick on anybody... the truth is this works and the conversion rates are awesome... BUT... you see, I used the same tactics a few months ago and I got my AFF account banned.. let me explain... I used a regular ebook of...
  18. renu

    Dejaview and TJLight do surface HERE

    ahmm.. I think it's DejaCrew not Dejaview... you might wanna change that image... or your probably referring to someone else...
  19. renu

    RSSGM and Adssense still make money daily for me.

    Hi xu123 I also wanna be a part of this... pls add me too. and BTW the link is not workin' (Page not found...) thanks for sharing your method "-"
  20. renu

    How to make $1000 a day exploiting youtube

    First, thank you all for sharing your experiences and also for sharing your methods... I would like to add something that I tryed and works fine: - I first opend a new account at face*book - downloaded Face*bot*pro from this forum ( search for it.. there is a thread somewhere arround here...) -...
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