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    What Would You Do With 200...

    I enjoyed reading that. Teaching in Public school is awesome due to the sheer amount of time I have to myself. My boss insists that as long as I sit in front of my computer until 4:00, he doesn't care what I do. I like your reasoning~kiddish nitch. Last week I got them to give titles to 40...
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    Phoenix Twitter Desktop

    I think this is the most reliable twitter program I've tried, used and made money from. Kudos to the owner, it's been great.
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    What Would You Do With 200...

    I'm currently teaching in a foreign country where English is the most celebrated measurement of success. It's been 5 months and I'm dead bored out of my mind. I have an excellent job teaching here and never give homework... ...and maybe that is an opportunity that I should be taking advantage...
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    [GET]Exit Popup Code for CPA.

    Super. I wouldn't use these all the time, but nothing beats setting one of them up in a matter of 2 minutes. Thanks.
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    how will you convince someone you can make a living online ?

    Tell me about it. Just because someone doesn't understand your 'system' doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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    *Free* Adwords $50 vouchers

    Thanks. I used a few of these. I haven't used Google AW for a while; mostly because getting my QS up was becoming a real b****... but we'll see what happens. With a few extra dollars on fresh accounts it might be easier.
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    The dreaded CPA required phone call, what do they ask?

    Yup Skype is that I use. Unless I'm in a basement the sound is actually very good too.
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    48 Laws Of Power

    Yeah these are good... and can almost always be paraphrased.
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    Vibrant Media vs Kontera Vs infolinks

    Payouts for Kontera are terrible. Think $0.02...
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    No, I enjoy them. You'd have to "not login" for many weeks. And yes they do email you... you just need to be a little less delete-happy. :P
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    Google loves Hubpages or Squidoo?

    If by promote you mean PPC then yes I can see that happening. Link Wheels are working like a charm for me, I have found however that Hubpages are much more likely to shut down my sites than the others if the page doesn't represent a "good user experience..."
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    Google loves Hubpages or Squidoo?

    Yeah EZA ranks #1 page of google all the time.
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    Evony = CPA Network...

    Can you control what ads are showing with Google ads? AFAIK, no... which means there has to be someone promoting that ad... Maybe offervault can help.
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    Evony = CPA Network...

    Anyone know what network Evony (yes that browser game) is with? I wouldn't mind having a pair of those voluptuous breasts in an ad on my sites. PM me if you don't want to post it. Thanks
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    Another middleman... yeah, great.
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    Anyone know what this is really about? Looks like more hype + noob food for people to spend money on. Just wanted some other thoughts on it... it's launching in 15 hours, so I guess someone will get it.
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    If all of your leads have no/hidden referrer...

    Never underestimate the power of denial... or lying for that matter. Liars aren't usually persistent...
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    Fuck Youtube Ads

    Not with Ad Block Plus (FF extension). Download it here: under "Add-ons"
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    I need 100,000 youtube views (real views) Any ideas?

    I'm pretty sure there are companies in India who will "watch" your video for you for a small cost. Alternatively you could always drive PPC traffic to it.
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    Who is the BEST amongst the GURUS ? Whose info is always valuable and a must read ?

    What's really working well for me (I made $850 in July, my second month) is this: Find a market/trick/business/scam (whatever) that is related to something you love doing. Ideally it should be something that you enjoy doing and that the more you do, the better your business gets. Check out...
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