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  1. cloakit

    Will redirects to inner pages work if I use them like this?

    Never tried that, not sure of how it's going to work, but interesting enough to try for my opinion. 301 is great (when it works) but in your specific case I would also consider another move : Instead of redirecting the domain, why not creating a page "gold mining in Africa" (in the Africa...
  2. cloakit

    Publish articles, do I need to build links for each of them?

    Clearly if you can build backlinks to your posts, do it. The whole website popularity helps for sure, but backlinks that point directly to the posts are for sure a stronger signal. Since you can't create backlinks for 200 posts, you maybe already know how many backlinks you can buy / create...
  3. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    The goal would be to collect some interesting patterns about reviewers conexion, in order to build an internal ads cloaker. I believe that for good ads cloaker, IP is important but it's not the key of a good cloaking strategy, new reviewers and new IPs can apear, a reviewer IP may also change...
  4. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    Great thank you ! Do you also suggest to use different kind of ads accounts (old established accounts and newers) to trigger different kinds of verification ? Switching between mainstream niches, and borderline ones ?
  5. cloakit

    Best Domain for Spain And Latin America Countries

    Have you any interest in setting geo local versions of the website knowing the content would be the same ? You could go with a .com website with language ES but worldwide location. With this setup you do not have to manage multilingual stuff like href lang. For me it's much more easy to manage...
  6. cloakit

    i need help to Cloaking Google ADS

    So should we remeber this Or this ?
  7. cloakit

    How many 301 Redirects are OK?

    Hi Sageshark, any migration can lead to organic traffic drop, even a simple http to https. But for what I know their is no such a limit with redirects number, and as you said this is inevitable, so you must do it. For me the main question is : Are you going to make this website better than...
  8. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    Obviously, you're free to don't answer to this post and I really understand that, but Instead of writing something like "I will not tell you how" isn't more appropriate to ignore the post ?
  9. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    Why not ? I understand that you (as a cloaking service provider) don't want to discuss those points. But how can you say that "No one" will do it ? Thank you for the life advice.
  10. cloakit

    Google Ads Reviewer Tracker

    Hi there ! What's you're best suggestion to start tracking and fingerprinting Manual reviewers. The thread title is about Google Ads, but the question could also be about FB and others. What are the most interesting things to look at in order to identify them better. 1 - How to make sure to be...
  11. cloakit

    i need help to Cloaking Google ADS

    What do you meen by "its agents" ? Do you meen User Agents or something else ? What do you meen exactly ?
  12. cloakit

    What Wordpress Plugin would you pay for and that doesn't exist yet ?

    I m not a plugin developper but I have deveopped some plugins. Obviously I would be interested in making the next wp plugin success story :D
  13. cloakit

    i need help to Cloaking Google ADS

    Hi Hoax tech, You are providing an ads cloaking service, it sounds obvious that you argue that cloaking is not as simple. That said, you are certainly right saying cloaking is hard, especially when it's about Ads cloaking, but please : Are you serious when you say that Google Ads bot is hard...
  14. cloakit

    which tool give me linked domains like aherfs

    What should be more important for you is a software that shows you the referal domains of a given domain, and this is done by any other backlinks software (semrush, ubbersuggest, majestic seo and others). The screenshot you've shared suggests that you would like to have the possibility to...
  15. cloakit

    How much do you spend on software/tools per month?

    Fortunatly not much more than 1000 $ spent in softawre for - keyword research - backlink analysis - Expired domains - onpage optimization - Hosting - emailing That said, when it's possible I m slowly moving to APIs because their is a lot of stuff that we can do by ourself and it can be more...
  16. cloakit

    Clockit is here, can you see me ?

    How am I supposed to write my nickname ? :)
  17. cloakit

    Some multilingual plug-in questions

    Your rankings in sweeden will depend on other factors, so being first in us for an english query does not necessary meen you will be first in sweeden for sweden queries. Anyway, setting href lang correctly can gives a help to your sweedish article, and if you are first on the english query that...
  18. cloakit

    Traffic Counter other than google analytics for Wordpress?

    If you don't have problem in using a Russian solution, Yandex Metrica will do your job perfectly.
  19. cloakit

    What Wordpress Plugin would you pay for and that doesn't exist yet ?

    Hi Is their a Wordpress Plugin that you would be ready to pay for and that doesn't exist yet ? or a plugin that already exists but it's not satisfying enough.
  20. cloakit

    Can someone teach me about cloaking and AdWords?

    From my point of view it would be much more interesting to share some ideas about technical skills behind Ads cloaking than just talking about a mistery software. For example I've a pretty good experience in SEO Cloaking but this is much more easier than Ads cloaking for Google Ads or Facebook...
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