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    Introducing UploadPay | $1+ Average Per Download

    Buddy, if you think you're going to last more than a few weeks allowing porn, EVEN IF it's porn passwords, you're out of your mind. You're going to get your networks in trouble with advertisers then get dropped like a hot potato.
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    Adscend Media has ZERO working Email/ZIP Submits CPA Offers.

    lol, you too are an idiot. I suppose you really don't work with CPA networks at all, because more or less every AM uses "lol" and other internet abbreviations. And Jeremy has every right to say what he said. This member is blatantly lying about Adscend in an attempt to smear their reputation...
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    Sharecash VS Dengee VS AdscendMedia

    Hey, ShareCash is not just a "middleman" - we do work with Adscend, but we work with many direct advertisers, including ones networks themselves work with, and even some they don't. We have many exclusive campaigns you can't find anywhere else, so don't trust anyone bashing SC because they...
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    sites like sharecash?

    @anti_dote - I understand what you're saying, but we live, eat, and sleep for our affiliates. Our server tech stays up 24-36 hours atleast once a week fixing, tweaking, or creating things, and one of our co-owners is on the computer literally 24/7 answering emails and maintaining things. We are...
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    sites like sharecash?

    @SleepieGirl - FTP has been fixed for a while now actually. FTP to ftp.************** and use your normal SC user/pass to use it. @chipmunk951 - That too was from our DDoS protection - you probably didn't notice, but at the bottom was the name of the protection service we have, meaning it was...
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    sites like sharecash?

    Hey, We know most of you were frustrated the past week or so with the issues; just imagine how frustrated we were! One of our server guys stayed up two days straight monitoring things... On that note, I'd like to finally say that our issues are, for the most part, solved as of just 15 minutes...
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    Best Buy Private Auction Site

    PM sent, thanks a ton!
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    experience with pay per download?

    I wouldn't bother mixing copyrighted movies and CPA for sure, because if you get caught your files will be deleted and you may be banned no matter what website you're on.
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    Sharecash Alternative (Adult Content)

    Hey, Concerning non-adult files, I find it amazing some people waste their time with these new sites, only to end up coming back to SC. I know for a fact you'll earn less at these sites because they can't even attain the deals and agreements with advertisers we have. And for the sites making...
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    Going Back To Work Sucks!

    Hey, Sorry to hear about everything. I agree, at the moment you should probably get a 9-5 job to support yourself. But don't expect to keep it too long. If you have been sustaining yourself on an IM income for a year, I'm sure you have the knowledge and ideas to get back into it and quit your...
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    forums where sharecash links can be used

    Hello, To those who said that people just see ShareCash and leave: they leave because they don't want to do a survey, and once they see our web page they know a survey is involved. Therefore if you use something else to show them a survey, they'll STILL leave once they see the survey. They...
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    sharecash erroring ? or did I get banned ?

    @Kamilion - our staff is instructed to not reply to any emails from users who were banned for a legitimate reason that they would know (i.e. cheating). This is because if we do it ends up turning into a huge back-and-forth argument where they demand proof, we send it, etc, which can go on for...
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    sharecash erroring ? or did I get banned ?

    Are you seriously trying to say we banned you for no reason, and that we're banning low earnings affiliates for fun? Why on earth would we do that? Obviously, as with any online monetization platform, the majority earners are "lower." Obviously we wouldn't ban them. As most people who dealt with...
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    Gxxgle is messing with my website

    May I ask what website you used to pull that information in the image? Looks pretty good. The main reason this happened is a) a sudden surge in the number of backlinks you got a day, as well as you ONLY having blog comments, both which look very unnatural.
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    Any PHP Coders Here?

    Instead of removing the line in red, try changing it to this: <div id="news"><b>' , $txt[102] , ':</b></div> It may work, but I haven't tested it so cant say for sure. Good luck!
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    HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU LOST SINCE Adscend Media Problems?

    Don't worry. I've been talking to Jeremy, they're just setting up DDoS protection they ordered from a provider. Shouldn't be too long, and it should be the last of the downtimes :D
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    Sharecash org is shocking

    Hey, There are many, many, many people who earn great cash with us. Most of them do it on complete autopilot too; they just sign in once in a while to check their stats or request their payment. We have guys with 20%+ conversion rates, so you can't judge SC as a whole just from one guy's...
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    HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE YOU LOST SINCE Adscend Media Problems?

    I was honestly surprised to see so many people complaining so viciously about the situation. Yes, nobody likes downtime, but saying that this reflects the quality of adscendmedia as a network is an absolutely ignorant statement to make. DDoS's are attacks that cripple networks and servers of...
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    sharecsah or monetizeall?

    Hey, I'm the owner of ShareCash, and I can definitely say without bias that you will earn more with us. Many, many people have tried us side-by-side with other sites and always came out saying they earned more here. I don't think theres much more else to say - the proof is all over! And yes...
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    Is anyone else getting f****** tired of sharecas$?

    Hey, I'm the ShareCash owner. Yes, Adscend got ddosed a few days ago, but we quickly added up an entire array of backup offers that worked 100% fine when it happened. In fact, many users earnings were even better that day because of the new offers. We ourselves experienced an issue with...
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