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  1. cladg

    Social Signal Packs Built to Naturally Distribute and Drip Evenly All Over Your Website From $49

    If you have any reviews available or coupons. We may be interested in trying this on a lander or 2.
  2. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Just wanted to mention that this job has been fulfilled. Thanks to everyone that contacted us for the position(s). Lots of great applicants. We appreciate it BHW. If a moderator sees this thread please close it.
  3. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Been a hectic past few days. We have yet to make a decision on anyone in particular. We plan to update everyone today or tomorrow. We appreciate your patience. Skype: clad.genius.sales
  4. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Thanks for all the expressed interest. We will be in touch with those that reached out to us on skype. Much appreciated.
  5. cladg

    Periscope to Twitter

    Why not just shout out your twitter in all your streams and offer something free they can get for following you based on your niche.
  6. cladg


    Definitely one of the most interesting concepts for a cryptocurrency we have seen. Like the idea of mixing socials & rewards based on your ability to promote your content.
  7. cladg

    Premium Infographic Service - Only $99

    Would be interested to see some new samples. Any review copies currently?
  8. cladg

    Social Signal Checker - Get all social media stats from FB,Twitter,G+,LinkedIn,Reddit etc.

    Looks nice. Just need something like this for brand building.
  9. cladg

    VA - Live Chat Representative(s)

    Hi BWH, Looking for qualified virtual assistants that are proficient in ENGLISH. Must be able to learn quickly and handle incoming requests for support. You will be trained on many/various aspects of our service & software. Your job is to handle day to day chat support & sales requests. We are...
  10. cladg Private Proxies That Work For You - Instant & Guaranteed - Test Now

    About to put in an order. One of our clients is having some issues using this with our software. Debug time.
  11. cladg

    [GET] FB PVAs for free

    Why not this may be helpful for a new test. PM sent.
  12. cladg

    Need Clocker for Facebook spaming

    @bartosimpsonio appreciate the recommendation going to do our diligence. Thanks.
  13. cladg

    Best Captcha Solving Services 2016?

    Hi BHW, Our team is interested to get a general idea of what the best services are now in 2016? Looking for services which offer re-captcha support (+ image based captcha) & have an api. Looking to reach out to some new services to integrate into our platform. If your are a captcha service...
  14. cladg

    Need help with Cladg Craigslist Ad Poster, can pay $$$

    Clearly your here to just spam the forum. Reported!
  15. cladg

    Buying CladG

    Yes we do. As it shows up in SERPS and needed to be addressed should traffic come to this thread.
  16. cladg

    Buying CladG

    We appreciate your opinion of our software. We have been around for close to 7 years. Where payment options currently are a pain, we will agree with you 100%. We are working on resolving that. If you so strongly recommend that our tool is never updated. It would be wise for you to check the...
  17. cladg

    I am Bot Creator, Send Your Reasonable Ideas for tools

    We like to see someone attempt at remaking our software.
  18. cladg

    CL CLAD Support

    Fairly old thread. But figured maybe you or someone else could use our help. We can be reached via our ticket system or directly on skype: clad.genius.sales
  19. cladg

    CladG - Roadblock

    Hopefully this is resolved and you have contacted us already to get assistance. If not please do so now or contact us via skype: clad.genius.sales
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