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  1. blackx

    30$ = 30 PBN + 50 Web2.0

    Please share samples
  2. blackx

    BOOST WORDPRESS SPEED [2X Speed Guaranteed]

    Please send discount code
  3. blackx

    ❤️❤️❤️ Agency Outreach Links | 1k Organic Traffic Minimum | Only 30$ Per Fee ❤️❤️❤️

    Hello, please send samples for travel related outreach blogs. I'm interested in 3-5 of these
  4. blackx


    Received my order over a month ago and the rankings have definitely improved since the delivery. Good job @hardcorebiker, this is a solid service! :)
  5. blackx


    Ordered 30 posts, transaction IDs and screenshots sent on email. Please confirm
  6. blackx

    Rule of Threes - 3 Months, 3 Authority Sites, 300 Articles/Site

    Great thread man. I've read some of it, and subscribed to see how it goes for you. Sad to know that you have some financial trouble going on, and now the computer frying up. But I'm sure with that zeal you'll be making a steady income in no time. Looking forward to an update :)
  7. blackx

    DD ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Video

    Hahah nice. I didn't know shoemoney was on this forum
  8. blackx

    Message To All People Who Have Bought / Are Buying / Will Buy SEO

    Expectation setting is key for clients. I learned this the hard way, but you should always communicate to your clients the ground realities of SEO and have them make an informed decision.
  9. blackx

    New TweetAdder4 Update and Subscription Model

    I gave up on Twitter marketing a little while ago primarily because of how difficult it had become to get traffic from it, the ROI just didn't work for me. But yeah, this update does seem painful for people who rely on it as an income model.
  10. blackx

    My 10$/day Passive income Method

    This is an old method, but it definitely still works. Ideal for people who're into generating some funds for bigger projects!
  11. blackx

    What Tumblr monetizing method do you guys use without using NSFW?

    As many others have already mentioned here, it's just better to direct traffic to an external website rather than monetizing right away with CPA. Monetizing tumblr can be a pain in the ass, especially if you start losing blogs.
  12. blackx

    [This is a BST] How I make $1000+/mo Passive Income? Proof Inside... (With Free Backlinks )

    Could you send the sample site to me too? Also, what is the TAT?
  13. blackx

    Link JOLT 1000's of DA 20-90 CONTEXTUAL Links High PR Link Pyramid Epic Results!

    Smallest order placed. ID: 5M793774FT386832V Looking forward to some results! :)
  14. blackx

    Blackx's Journey to $100/day with Authority Blogs

    I've been a little out of touch with this thread because of a problem over the last few days. 2 days ago, I started getting the blue screen of death on my 1 year old i5 and now it is rrefusing to turn on. I believe the power supply is toast or something (hoping). I did most of my work from that...
  15. blackx

    Case Study: Impact of Google Plus 1s & other social signals on website traffic

    Social signals definitely work. Thanks for posting this here, it will be beneficial for many of the noobs! :)
  16. blackx

    Blackx's Journey to $100/day with Authority Blogs

    Since I started this thread, there are a number of things that I have done which basically involve setting the foundations of the blogs. There are 5 blogs in total, so I'm going to be referring to them as Blog A, Blog B, Blog C, Blog D and Blog E. I'm going to on each of these blogs...
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