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    Looking for an expert Black Hat SEO consultant for short term project (compensation: $1,000-$3,000+)

    I'm looking for a black hat SEO expert to quickly improve the rankings of 1-2 pages on my CBD/hemp eCommerce site. I'm looking for the best of the best and I'm willing to pay $1k-$3k or even more for this small project if you have a proven track record and can get results without undue risk. I...
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    Drip Revolution - 7 DAY TRIAL - Drip Fed Social Signals & Links

    Cancelled my order after 7 days mostly because I couldn't spin the description text, but now that this issue was taken care of, I will go back and try it again. I am extremely white hat in nature with my money sites and like to leave no traces at all, that's why I wasn't really fond of not...
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    Have unlimited unique quality articles. What is the best way to use them?

    As the title says I have many unique articles on my hard drive that I downloaded a while back. They are all extremely high quality articles, unique in the eyes of Google (but of course, otherwise they are not copyright free). Now I have an issue as I don't know what is the best way to...
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    [Method] The Five Ingredients of Google Optimization

    I definitely experienced the holdback, but I think it is a different formula, depending on the niches. And I don't think that after 2 years there is any holdback. But all in all, this is pure speculation.
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    **Diversified Backlinks**Web2.0+Profiles+Blogs+Articles+Social bookmarking+Video@$57Cheap!

    I have ordered the silver package and the main keyword moved from #10 to #8. But more than this, I liked the properties that were created. The text was decent, the job was well done overall. I will buy some more packages soon too!
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    How long to a site to show up in serp ?

    Did you check the domain's history? I had once one site that was previously banned by Google and did not show up in SERP's at all. Bought another domain, started off clear again. Otherwise, I have no idea what it might be. Check maybe if there was an old site.
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    **Diversified Backlinks**Web2.0+Profiles+Blogs+Articles+Social bookmarking+Video@$57Cheap!

    Ordered a silver package for a start (transaction ID: 6CF72142BH279801P ) . It is the first time I purchase a service here, and I am curious to see the results. I usually build backlinks old white hat way, and the site I gave the OP sits idle between positions 9 and 12 for over a year now...
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    Every Time i SEO my Sites Goes Back

    Just so many variables. Blasting competitors also might not work. Say your page was full of ads/affiliates and the competitors' are not. Say all your backlink profile was full of black hat stuff blasted directly at your money site while your competitors have some aged normal links. Also, did...
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    Sucess Story, My Journey to $500/month using twitter

    I find it hard myself to monetize twitter traffic, but probably that's because my followers are so diverse. Or I am doing something wrong. Anyway, congrats to you and will be keen to see your method!
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    How Many "Exact Searches" Does a Phrase Have to Have Before You Will Buy The Domain?

    It depends on how you can monetize it and how easy/hard the competition is. If it only takes you less than 8 hours of work to get to the first 3 results, I would say go for it. Based on my experience (which is totally irrelevant because I do not know the niche), $15/mo is achievable by...
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    How much did you make in 2011?

    Low 5 figures. But I counted that a business I had at the start of the year went bust and I lost quite a bit on that one. Now focus on passive white hat income and I think I will make mid 5 figures in 2012. Income sources: mostly adsense coupled with a few affiliates, some links sold and...
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    What Would You Be Doing If You Never Found IM?

    Probably into politics by now. But that wouldn't have been good since I am very anti-social and can't handle conflicts. So I am pretty happy with IM. In 2 weeks I'll have 5 years of IM already :)
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    Best way to make use of articles

    I have plenty of good quality articles about the topic of my money site and I was wondering what is the best way to use them? Should I put them on ezinearticles (or other article directory). Is there any other powerful site that I can put my articles on (sorry, I've been away from link...
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    Where in the world should I move to?

    Depending on your budget. And culture. For example, in January I'll move to Budapest, Hungary, just because it is cheaper and I am not prepared yet to leave Europe. Otherwise, it would have been Auckland, NZ. In Budapest you can get a nice apartment in the city centre for 400 euros. Check out...
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    Free Proxies - 10 Per BHW Member!

    If you still have them, I would really appreciate 10 proxies. Thanks in advance!
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    I just made $1200 in 3 days ONLY!!!! Guaranteered this method you've never heard or seen!!

    I plan doing something similar, but not emailing them a book, instead doing some coaching as well as handling some reports. My question though is: how did you manage to find clients? I do not want a detailed explanation of this, just want to know your basic concept: SEO, direct emailing?
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    What can I do with 12 Michael Jackson domains?

    Not really good domains. Who would want to pay "big bucks" for them? Think.
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    The Inspiration Behind Your User Name ?

    because it does indeed happen ...
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