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    How to fill US taxes, I have opened LLC in wyoming but i do not live in the USA

    Just hire someone on up work or another freelance site. It’s pretty affordable
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    real site real traffic guest post with affordable price

    Interested in a review copy
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    My parents don’t support me with business and are trying to fully prevent me.

    Maybe consider doing both? Go to school for something that supports your end goals. Study marketing or business, or web design, etc. If your online ventures take off in the meantime, that's great. If they don't, you have a degree as a fall back - and better understanding of a specific niche...
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    I want to try meditation on mushrooms

    ^Absolutely True! Mushrooms aren't as heady as LSD. Ppl on Mushrooms generally act kind of stupid. People on LSD think they make deeper /more intellectual connections (even if they don't) This I'd disagree with. While I think mushrooms are not going to be as effective for your intended...
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    Who here at some point in their life took LSD

    Lots of bad advice here. I've taken it a few times and it can be fun. Some advice: -Make sure you are not in public, with people you trust, and if you are having a weird day (emotionally) then don't take it. -Don't take more than 1 tab if it's your first time. -Make sure it's from a good...
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    How to index a guest post?

    Make some manual blog comments on niche relevant blogs and point the links to the guest post
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    PICRIGHTS ask me to pay 1200$ for using a picture I found on google

    You should take the image down. If they take you to court, they can only sue for damages, so contact the copyright holder (from a different email address) and ask what the cost would be to use the image in a similar way. You may have committed copyright infringement, that doesn't legally entitle...
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    how effective is tumblr 2019?

    I have an ecom site with a lot of links from tumblr - mostly organic. Overtime I feel like the tumblr links have been less valuable. I’m also not super convinced that tumblr will continue to exist for as long as fb, ig, Pinterest, etc.
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    Pinterest Monetisation Options

    Affiliate links could be good. Do you have a blog (or two) in similar niches?
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    Business name idea for marketing company

    I've promoted affiliates and also have sites that hire affiliates. I think generally in the affiliate space your results and reputation on the affiliate network are more important than your name. But If you have your affiliate business structured in a way where you might eventually be able to...
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