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    How would you like to be dead/killed??

    By a threesome
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    How much would you pay for these links?

    They are web 2.0 or profile. You can do it yourself No more than 15 dollars with article included Edu is a good one if article in Please do not say fiverr
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    How I Make $4,000+ Per Month Using Spotify!

    K few questions Is this grey or blackhat? Or can get my account banned Since it is royalties? Must I spend money every month to make any money or does the royalties add up
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    How I Make $4,000+ Per Month Using Spotify!

    Good catch All post came from op thread
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    There needs to be a High quality search engine.

    Lot of companies tried many have failed Duck duck go comes to mind great reviews
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    How to create EDU guest post ?

    Either share it or don't
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    Thoughts on Covid-19?

    Lot of people had it at my job. I always ask how is your lungs etc. Everybody said fine Except 1 guy. He FINALLY got covid after sick all the time. He said it affected his lungs Also note 2 guys died from it, they were around 60 good health Another old man got it around 80 years old, whom...
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    Are we being more censored on the internet?

    Not sure but I think they try to delete or discourage bad post Like videos of rape or link to movies
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    Are we being more censored on the internet?

    I think twitter made bad mistake with trump I am not a trump supporter but trump says or does crazy stuff Lot of times when I see twitter it is about sports or trump Do I actively check twitter no Only I think it is called in google stories you may like
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    What Are Ethical Ways To Lock Content?

    Most newspaper let you read the first paragraph then you have to sign up
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    What's the opposite of moon?

    Opposite is justin sun
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    Do TLDs matter nowadays?

    I have seen all tlds rank for seo The question is repeat visitors Example most people will use .com when they type a site But it is a non factor unless you are huge authority Google Chrome saves what site you like most by auto fill Example I just type bl And google will enter...
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    US Dollar Value going down

    My other business took a massive hit since late October due to the dollar going down It actually started around July but now it even worst So at this time I am not making any money from it
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    Rest In Peace...

    He ask weird questions Like one time it was a holiday told him use Google He makes a lot of money in all methods but how to do a basic task I think bhw benefit a lot by his post by ranking in google
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    critique my plan for becoming anonymous

    Look at op threads He is very paranoid about everything
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    Is this method is effective as same as PBN links?

    Yeah you can point gsa to 2.0 or you can use crappy pbnj The point is keep all crappy links far way from main site as possible. Note crappy pbn can be 1 dollar links or 1000 for 10 dollars. Not always
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    Is this method is effective as same as PBN links?

    Depends on the quality of pbns toward 2.0 If you think they are crappy, do it If they are top notch point to main site If you point pbn to 2.0 to site, there will be juice lost It is important to power up your 2.0 but not with expensive pbn
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    US hits 88,000 new cases single-day Covid virus record

    Agree on that I live in 2 countries United States is free for test Mexico have to pay, not sure how much because have insurance
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    PS5 VS XBOX?

    One of the reasons why I want ps5 is because of past experience I had xbox something with Kinect like 10 years ago. Kinect did not work and not enough games A good example of quantity of games is I just went to walmart The section for ps4 doubles the xbox games The plus side of xbox is more...
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