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  1. Rojuhh


    Don't care about his income, I hope he gets a nice and long prison sentence.
  2. Rojuhh

    How do people make money with POD ?

    Have designs people are willing to pay more for. The stores selling for 12 dollars aren't getting their products from the sources you just mentioned.
  3. Rojuhh

    How did this video got almost 600k likes

    These shorts videos can explode quickly. Considering how this guy has a pretty decent following behind him, getting viral videos on the shorts page isn't all too hard. This one did really well though.
  4. Rojuhh

    [JOURNEY] $10,000 / month with Pump & Dump Crypto Signals

    These pump and dump groups make you believe that you're the one getting suckers to buy in, but in reality the members of the group are the only suckers who buy in. Only winners here are the owners of the group. Losing your entire buy in is a realistic possibility.
  5. Rojuhh

    [METHOD] Easiest $100+ per day strategy you've ever read

    Great idea! I think people have a bit of tunnelvision on the whole Fiverr part, there's more places than Fiverr to scrape from..
  6. Rojuhh

    [Journey] Making money with sports betting

    I think this is one of the worst ways of making actual money. I'd invest it in something real. If you're doing it for fun then have fun ;)
  7. Rojuhh - HQ SMM Reseller Panel. Prices starting from $0.005. Cheap likes, followers, views etc.

    hi could i please get a review copy. username: rojuh
  8. Rojuhh

    iPhone Dropship

    Hey man, bought one of those iPhones from you and it just stopped working last week. Could I get a refund?
  9. Rojuhh

    ✅ Valar-SMS ⚛️ Cheap SMS Verification Service ⚛️ Starts from $0.06 ✅

    Free $1 Valar SMS test balance please
  10. Rojuhh

    [Journey] To Living Wage With eCommerce Brand - April 2021

    Good luck my friend! Following :)
  11. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

    Only when it was obviously posted by someone. I got videos off of reddit, so giving credit was hard. I got striked by a few big media companies who bought the videos.
  12. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

    Yep. Effort being a big word. Took me about 5 mins a day. Still blows. Received a genuine offer of 650 for the account a week prior to the ban. Obviously declined, but looking back..
  13. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

    Reached 25k before getting banned for Copyright Infringement. Appealed multiple times, but it’s a dead end. Sad ending to the journey, but what can you do.
  14. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

    Followers: 19,803 Engagement rate: 107.76%
  15. Rojuhh

    Anyone play Minecraft ?

    You can get it for way cheaper. PM me and I'll give you a mail access account for free. Thats allowed right? Not selling anything.
  16. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

    I only post videos.
  17. Rojuhh

    Instagram Account to 1 MILLION Followers

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