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  1. Rolf LeStrange

    Social Media is Bots

    So I have decided to jump into fake promo, because I've tried organic enough times to realize how fake shit is like there's no retention or conversion to followers so... I realized I can do bot promo for much cheaper. I'm asking BHW community for advice on quantities for promotion. How much bot...
  2. Rolf LeStrange

    Music Marketing & Promotion Discussion Thread.

    1. I started my sh*t a few years ago. My account is meant to be anon, since some of BHW tools can get you flagged on other sites. 2. The music industry is worse than ever. There an abundance of "artists" that don't write their music or even their lyrics, but they get most of the airplay in my...
  3. Rolf LeStrange

    Revenge for Marketing?

    True dat. The thing is, she never sent me a contract so she has no authority to justify a legal case. There is no legal case that we ever had any pro relationship without a contract and it's her fault we don't have one because every contract she sent me was fake. Didn't save a backup for the...
  4. Rolf LeStrange

    Revenge for Marketing?

    Thanks for the recommendations! I deleted her website.
  5. Rolf LeStrange

    Revenge for Marketing?

    Hey, so I had this extremely sh*tty contract role. Basically the employer refused to pay me and kept sending me fake contracts over and over. Then she started bitching at me and tried to bully me into signing the fake contract. Like the devil, she even added a clause that says "all payments to...
  6. Rolf LeStrange

    Inorganic Music Promo - Spotify / Youtube

    Inorganic methods are supposed to give you an extra boost at a cheaper cost, so that social algorithms will recommend you and list you as trending. I know that inorganic traffic must serve a purpose in trending, because I used to inflate my Instagram popularity with fake apps from China (that...
  7. Rolf LeStrange

    Video Promo Recommendations

    Hi, I have some great videos posted but my following is too small and they aren't even seeing it. I feel like what I really need is a good video promo. I've tried Google Ads and have gotten the CPV very low (less than 1 cent), but it is practically worthless because these viewers don't...
  8. Rolf LeStrange

    TikTok Music Promo

    Tbh, I think TikTok monetizes once users exceed 10k followers.
  9. Rolf LeStrange

    TikTok Music Promo

    What are mix hashtags?
  10. Rolf LeStrange

    Tumblr Music Promo

    Thanks, I will look into gaining new followers from genre-based hashtags.
  11. Rolf LeStrange

    Best Influencer Marketing Companies

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for the best influencer marketing companies. I haven't used influencer marketing in the past, so I wanted to ask the forums for the best ones to use. Which influencer marketing companies have served you the best? Preferably want a company to help grow...
  12. Rolf LeStrange

    TikTok Music Promo

    I tried it, but we'll see if it was worth it. Seems meh as an approach, since those users have very high following and little to no chance of a followback.
  13. Rolf LeStrange

    Success with Music on Insta

    It is music based. Do you have any more insight?
  14. Rolf LeStrange

    TikTok Music Promo

    Ok, I was thinking influencer marketing seems to be the main way on all social platforms now. Let me know if you have any more insight to the best influencer tools, or other ways to market music on Tiktok.
  15. Rolf LeStrange

    Tumblr Music Promo

    Hi, I have a decent Tumblr account. Was wondering what y'all do to get music heard on the platform. Does Tumblr have any tools that help? Any other tips?? Thanks
  16. Rolf LeStrange

    TikTok Music Promo

    Hi, I am curious if anyone has tips for TikTok music promo. Thanks
  17. Rolf LeStrange

    Music Promo on Pinterest

    Hi, I have a modest Pinterest account. Not sure how well this site does for musicians. If anyone is having success promoting their music on pinterest, do you have any tips? Thankss
  18. Rolf LeStrange

    Myspace for Music

    Hi, my myspace is a decent size. Was wondering what y'all do to get music heard. on the platform Do you use any Myspace tools, like groups, or something external? Any other tips?? Thanks
  19. Rolf LeStrange

    Success with Music on Insta

    Hi, I have an insta account with over 20k followers. However, I don't think a majority of them know anything about my music. I'm planning to post more videos on there. But was wondering what y'all do to get music heard on insta. Do you use any specific hashtags, or external promo? Any other...
  20. Rolf LeStrange

    Get Music Heard on FB

    Hi, I have a Facebook fan page with over 2k followers. However, less than 2% of fans see my posts, since they made their algorithm into absolute sh*t. Was wondering what y'all do to get music heard. Do you use any external blogs, etc? Any other tips?? Thanks
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