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  1. yels

    Looking for a Laptop

    Get a asus or huawei!
  2. yels

    Top CHEAPEST Hostings?

    Maybe pebble hosting
  3. yels

    is jarvee still working ?

    Yeah, I suggest you to find tutorials on youtube about 2022 settings!
  4. yels

    I need to find a place where I can convert Paypal to crypto

    You can find on marketplaces paypal crypto exchange services or try paxful site!
  5. yels

    Top 10 coins

    1. Bitcoin 2. Ethereum 3. Solana 4. XRP 5. Terra 6. Ape
  6. yels

    What are your predictions for Ethereum in 2022

    I think it can go up to 6000$ by the end of 2022
  7. yels

    Blogs how do they work?

    Mostly through ads
  8. yels

    What sms-verifying offers the chepest numbers? (not russian)

    Sms activate ru, works for me
  9. yels

    Which is next 100x gem coin Planning to invest $100k

    I think its APE Coin :D
  10. yels


    Welcome to BHW!
  11. yels

    Just wondering

    Im not sure if this is possible!
  12. yels

    Sony vegas or adobe?

    I like adobe more, its faster to me!
  13. yels

    Instagram Growth Hack

    Follow/unfollow method
  14. yels

    Best place to buy aged gmail accounts is good site to buy pva, aged accounts!
  15. yels

    Need some fun mobile games

    Try 8 Ball Pool! :D
  16. yels

    Onlyfans traffic

    Promote your content on ph and on similiar sites to it! :D
  17. yels

    Bypass Tinder captchas

    ReCaptcha is easy to solve, there are free recaptcha solver for browsers, You can search it on greasyfork extensions site!
  18. yels

    IG is becoming sh*t these days!

    I think 60 followers are good for that small period, as long as its free method :)
  19. yels

    Has anyone watched Ozarks?

    Yeah, I stopped watching after 1 season, season 2 isnt that interesting to me so I just watched 2 episodes in s2 and stopped!
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