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  1. Daggermouthx

    Marketing Agency to ??? - currently $7,500 Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Already paid. I wouldn't work to expand their account if they didn't.
  2. Daggermouthx

    Marketing Agency to ??? - currently $7,500 Monthly Recurring Revenue

    Week 1 Nov 27th, I finally decided to leave the sabbatical I took after being laid off from a big international marketing agency and DMed my buddy. We're both a little 'acoustic' or hyper-fixated in our respective fields. I love marketing and he loves sales. We get a long really well and have...
  3. Daggermouthx

    Detailed E-Book or Detailed Case Study?

    You use case studies to validate a claim (SEO for SaaS) and support the prospect's decision to take action (contact/purchase). eBooks are used to give people a high-level view or introduction to a topic. The purpose is to leave a good first impression by providing something they value and can...
  4. Daggermouthx

    List of Local Businesses

    D7 lead finder. Enter a keyword like "dentist" in the top 100 most populated cities in the US. Get all phone numbers, ad spend, if they have a website, emails, etc.
  5. Daggermouthx

    [White Hat Journey] Getting $1,000+/month Marketing Clients [$5,000/Month Goal]

    Use calendly. I can send you set-up instructions for a much higher appointment show-up rate.
  6. Daggermouthx

    How Does it feel when you make 1k/day?

    Hedonic treadmill or the hedonic bias. No one achieves something and continues to be happy. The happiness leaves and you just want more. Its better to be focused on your values. Only idiots chase something they can never achieve through a method they refuse to admit doesn’t work.
  7. Daggermouthx

    [White Hat Journey] Getting $1,000+/month Marketing Clients [$5,000/Month Goal]

    D7 lead finder -> get phone numbers for every business in top 100 cities for your niche -> sly broadcast -> record pitch saying to text you back -> sort mobile only 10x Appointments/day Make sure you have the sales process down and make the voicemail click-bait worthy. Alternatively, free...
  8. Daggermouthx

    Racist + Sexist E-mail Marketing Job Post on Upwork

    Have you ever lived in a country outside of Europe, the US, NZ, or AUS lol...? You sound like you're uncritically recycling the opinions of others. I don't think the person making that job posting was doing anything racist or sexist. And the shit that you're saying right now makes appear as...
  9. Daggermouthx

    Best way to cold email businesses

    Nah, but it's big within the startup community. My outreach is super targeted and personalized.
  10. Daggermouthx

    Best way to cold email businesses

    D7 lead finder + Lemlist
  11. Daggermouthx

    Where do you meet other successful people?

    Ooooooh I see. It’s not really that I’m at a different level, it’s that your industry requires an entirely different type of marketing. CXL is focused on tech companies. Everything from the copy to design is different than what you would put into sales funnel.
  12. Daggermouthx

    Where do you meet other successful people?

    I'll have to disagree. I don't like Unbounce, but it has really good testing software. Clickfunnels and the others fail a lot of A/A tests because they lack the statistical power component. I'm currently using Swipepages for my clients. I can kind of see what you're saying with the landing page...
  13. Daggermouthx

    Where do you meet other successful people?

    Lol the business owners in BNI, chamber, and meet ups are trash as fuck. You usually meet people at marketing conferences which is why they’re so popular. No one goes for the speakers. It’s purely to network. A lot of high quality courses like CXL, copyhackers, growthcomet, siegemedia, blue...
  14. Daggermouthx

    [REQUEST] Does anybody here have a SOP for article creation?

    I have sops for enterprise level content.
  15. Daggermouthx

    Best analytics tool?

    Google data studio. I'm always saying super metrics instead of data studio.
  16. Daggermouthx

    Best analytics tool?

    GTM, Hotjar, GA4, and super metrics. You don't need any paid analytics tool unless you have multi-channel attribution and incrementality.
  17. Daggermouthx

    How much do you charge clients to setup and manage PPC campaigns? $10k-$20k spend per month

    When I first started PPC I would charge 10% of ad spend. Now I base it off of the gross profit that I can generate. Which is... a lot. I have a calculator that I use to forecast the profit generated based on how much revenue I can generate above the baseline. The agency I'm contracted with...
  18. Daggermouthx

    Is morality a cultural trait or an evolutionary trait?

    Both. Serotonin and adrenaline causes us to adopt mortality from others in order to reduce cortisol or to maintain our own saftey.
  19. Daggermouthx

    FB ads real estate investing

    Don't use the website. For bottom of the funnel (AKA lead gen) I have most clients use something like swiftpages. Having pages that they can navigate to causes you to decrease the accuracy of your data. You won't know if they're converting because of a phrase on the homepage or your landing...
  20. Daggermouthx

    FB ads real estate investing

    Brand awareness isn't for small companies. Brand awareness is for companies spending $100,000 per day on Facebook ads. This is why SMBs that try to run their own facebook ads fail like... 99% of the time. You always start with the sale and move backwards. People who want to go broke start with...
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