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    My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]

    everyone can test it. got to download page and get your. As I posted above, please pm me with your ftp login and your wordpress testing blog login and I will check it scuttleplus is work also I have installed on many of my blog...
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    My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]

    I just finished beta testing. Good news is you can use Free version to submit unlimited scuttle and 10 pligg, 10 phpdug, 10 drigg I have tested on my new semi-autoblog and what I get is ... Traffic goes from zero to 1000+ after plugin activated and start submission 71% of traffic...
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    My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]

    scuttles and phpdug is not crap I think. Since it is only beta version then I want to test to find make it works on many host as possible before release. If you are serious and want it to work on your host, then you should contact me and provide me your hosting info so I can make it works. If...
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    My Auto pligg, scuttle, phpdug, drigg WP plugin - [Tester wanted]

    Hi BHW members I m testing my WordPress plugin that do auto pligg, auto scuttle, auto phpdug and auto drigg. I have been using it for a while on Webhostingbuzz [ cpanel host ], Dreamhost, and another on that use DirectAdmin. No problem on cpanel and dreamhost, few problem with DirectAdmin...
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    Better alternative to Auto Social Poster ?

    I m sure this will impress you It is my written plugin. I m using it for tens of my blog. Just rewrite for easy to use and manage. Will release soon.
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    WP plugin "Zemanta"

    Thanks for zemanta link Nice software, I may use for some of my blog
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    Most requested Black Hat software

    What i want is php captcha cracking Or if possible, I want to see a bot that automate register domain name, set dns;)
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    Get Indexed In Google In 30 Minutes Or Less!!

    Good to try I may use ca-pub for this test thank you
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    What Plugin Is This Guy Using?

    nice toolbar. but I prefer place it on top of the page
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    Warrior Forums or Digital Point?

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    Google Hot Trends+Clickbank=$$$

    Nice tips :D I guess someone writing an ebook about your method and will up on WSO soon
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    79 Websites where you can Place ******** link

    I have a design related site to submit thank for info
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    WTF ?? Is this serious ?

    you r right. maybe the page contains virus code or something
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    Wordpress NEW VErsion 2.8 issues

    Not only widget problem. I also get trouble with adding tag to post and it loads my server more than 2.7
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    first autoblog done!

    Nice and clean looking blog
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    GET A Special Picture BHW Member!

    cool thank you
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    Suggestions for my Blog

    visitors try to click on a bikini girl instead of your ads lol:D
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    auto social poster - a piece of sh!t - read if you are using this

    alternative ? I have created another one and will release soon It is auto pligg, auto scuttle, auto phpdug, auto drigg in single plugin add unlimited account, unlimited domain to submit Anyone want to try please pm me for info
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    Can you recommend me VPS hosting?

    fsckvps if you are familiar with unmanage server.
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