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    Sudden Surge In .blogspot Backlinks - What would be the impact and what action shall I take?

    For the last 20 days or so, there is a surge in my backlink profile (ahrefs) of .blogspot blogs. There are about 300 links built, and this is freaking me out! Can anyone suggest what precautions I shall take? and How can these impact my site? Thanks!
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    [100% original virgin offline method] Make few hundred dollars for few hours yourself or outsource process to others

    This is very much true and scalable as offline sales. I see this happening on every at every traffic-light halts in India :)
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    HI! BHW! I am new here.

    Happy learning! Hope you will find what you have in mind.
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    How to Rank on Google in 2021 "My Strategy"

    Used the combined suggestion : Wp-Rocket, Perfmatters and and OMGF ( to remove all google fonts ) Great results:
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    Enjoy the view :)
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    Is this party still on? I am looking for Generate Press Premium.
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    What to do with this much money?

    50% would go straight to real estate in a B category location!
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    How To Get Rich (Methods)!

    You can also try the Bank method :)
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    Free 5 x 1000 words AI generated article!

    Judge by yourself! Send PM with niche/subject
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    How to Rank - A Quick Guide for Newbies

    I have learned a lot reading this whole thread. lightningblitz This is a appreciation comment buddy!
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    Imma create as many websites as I can.

    So, out of those 70 you will pick which is performing best for further scaling ?
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    What are other tools like SEOsurfer?

    Do you know other tools like SEOsurfer?
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    Free 5 x 1000 words AI generated article!

    @javadth @NicolaeP @Mr.montez Please send pm with your subject/niche
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    Free 5 x 1000 words AI generated article!

    500 posts spots filled. No Takers for 2000 posts spots?
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    Free 5 x 1000 words AI generated article!

    Friends, I somehow have access to a AI content generation tool for a week through an old friend. As I am learning everyday through many members. I would love to offer FREE 5 x 1000 word AI generated article to BHW members. Here are the rules: First come first serve.. 2 x 1000 AI generated...
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    I want to give a freebie, but want feedback. Which forum is best for that?

    Can I give freebie but ask for feedback?
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    Bill Gates Caught With His Pants Down!

    KARMA.. FB is next
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