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  1. BibleNsword

    High-Quality Leads For Promoting Affiliate Offers ✅ SEO services ✅ Web Design & More

    Interested. Is it available in Gbeast format for easy import. DM me=1566371&hash=d51651042728349eae5e4b71782b07ed']Attach files
  2. BibleNsword

    Need designer for my etsy and fiverr listings

    Just like the title says. Looking for someone to design my graphics for sales pages
  3. BibleNsword

    Extreme All in one Graphics Design Service logo, banner, sale thread , Business and more. starting from 15$

    How much to make ads for my Digital Downloads? I will be posting them on Etsy and FIvver. DM me if interested
  4. BibleNsword

    How should I pay for twitter blue?

    Thank you all so much. I will use a VCC to pay for my account from the country that my proxy is from. I could have guessed but just wanted to make sure. Like I said this is my first time using bots
  5. BibleNsword

    How should I pay for twitter blue?

    I have 4 slave accounts using automation through SuSocial
  6. BibleNsword

    How should I pay for twitter blue?

    One bump. Hoping for a clear answer. Never have dealt with bots before. Dont wanna lose my mother twitter accounts. Its doing really good
  7. BibleNsword

    How should I pay for twitter blue?

    I am thinking of upgrading my Mother twitter account to get the blue check mark. But i am wondering. If my twitter account says its from another country, is this a red flag for twitter? Will using my debit card from USA get me flagged? Does twitter even care?
  8. BibleNsword

    ⏩ CROWDO LINKS ⭐ TOP for 2024 ⭐ 20%OFF for New Clients ✅ Trusted by hundreds of BHW members ✅ Up to 92 DA ✅ Sites with REAL traffic ⚡️ From $6/ link

    Hello. My site is about 2 months old and not ranking for much yet. Is it safe to use a backlink service so soon? Also do you take cryptocurrency news niche?
  9. BibleNsword

    【 Social Media Automation Software ⭐️⭐️⭐️】For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and Reddit ➡️ With AI Integration ✅✅✅

    Software is absolutely flawless by the way for anyone wondering. I got a question @susocial I am trying to get my signature text to pop up when for my campaign of rss feed posts to twitter. It will either ignore the link to the website or ignores the signature text no matter what settings I put...
  10. BibleNsword

    Quick question about twitter

    Someone suggested using subdomains. Would you also recommend this? I guess I will make a new linktree or affiliate link per account or redirect subdomain. I am just afraid using subdomains they will catch on eventually
  11. BibleNsword

    Quick question about twitter

    Sounds like overkill. That thought had occurred to me, so let me get this straight I put ( and make new subdomains per twitter account? How many accounts per domain you think then? Or should I do one domain per account? Thats sounds expensive.
  12. BibleNsword

    Quick question about twitter

    If I am running multiple accounts, lets say 10. If I am posting the same affiliate link or linktree link in all of the profiles bio, will this raise red flags for twitter?
  13. BibleNsword

    Socinator -The Social Dominator- Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Linkedin|Reddit|Youtube|Tumblr|Quora|etc

    Hello I am having trouble getting the Twitter functions to work. The activity log is saying it is following and liking but when I go to check my twitter account. I can see nothing has happened. Is there anything suggestion as to what I should do to fix this?
  14. BibleNsword

    [Journey] $5,000 into $30,000 with Crypto in 1 year

    Dude is either a troll or just smoked whatever he's on and decided to come on BHW LOL
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