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  1. thunderhd

    [Coding] Scraping and Automation Service

    I need a instagram scraper which scrapes data while loggedin. + proxy it should scrape reel, posts etc data. Can you do this? discount
  2. thunderhd

    HARO + OpenAI + Make Automated Workflow

    Not worth automating.
  3. thunderhd

    Looking for SEO case study writer for social media

    I need someone who can create posts for our LinkedIn page. I'll provide you with data & you have to create meaningful posts for LinkedIn. You should know about hooks to get attention. Apply if you're good at copywriting. You should have good knowledge about SEO and how it works. PM me.
  4. thunderhd

    Goodbye Twitter Scraping?

    Twitter: The end
  5. thunderhd

    Digistore24 seller asked me to refund the commissions otherwise I will be sued legal. Help me please!!!!

    Nothing... Chill. It's their or ds24's fault. They can't do anything.
  6. thunderhd

    [Greyhat] Method - How to get hundreds of followers to your LinkedIn Business Page and get more clients.

    You'll get followers for sure . You'll not get clients. All the followers are job applicants not business owners.
  7. thunderhd

    HARO + OpenAI + Make Automated Workflow

    Journalists are aware of this and Don't waste your time one this. No shortcut for getting Good links. Even you'll get 1-2 links luckily, the whole process is not worth it. - From my 3 years haro experience. Always hire expert to answer your question for better outcome.
  8. thunderhd

    Collected 500K+ Phone numers / 1.5M Emails from IG

    People scrape emails for their purpose. You’re the only one I saw scraped emails then looking for the purpose . Anyway without any segmentation, these are just random leads and pretty useless.
  9. thunderhd

    How can i post 1000 pins per day

    Appeal, and the account will be reinstated.
  10. thunderhd

    Quality Pinterest-Youtube-Twitter-Gmail-Yahoo-Hotmail accounts available

    I need pinterest accounts but with atleast on link pin live. Let me know of you have such accounts
  11. thunderhd

    OPEN AI $120 CREDIT + CHATGPT PLUS ✅ Private Account ✅ Fast Delivery ❤️Bulk Order

    can't understand chatgpt plus is $20/month on official site. you are selling at $35. Am i missing anything?
  12. thunderhd

    Unable to create Idea Pins

    Hello, Today Idea Pin option is missing (I'm aware pinterest merging to one feature. i.e. pin). However, I'm unable to create idea pins. I can only create one slide i.e. normal pins. Anyone facing such issue?
  13. thunderhd

    [Method] Media buying w/ Pop Traffic and making daily profit of $100 automatically

    understood nothing.. :( any newbie friendly method to learn cpa + paid traffic? congrats on your journey though..
  14. thunderhd

    Websites where i can get technical VAs (virtual assistant)?

    Don't get me wrong. You are bad at hiring... You are not clear about your goals. I've enough experience that i can find good people from seoclerks as well (if available). Don't blame platforms, countries etc. I had bad exp with some Americans but good exp with Nigerians. That doesn't mean...
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