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  1. Salexes


    Any update?
  2. Salexes

    Grammarly Premium Business

    Just purchased it for one more year. Have been using it for a whole year now already and it works flawlessly. Even has Grammarly GO! Using it each day. Can only recommend his services to everyone!
  3. Salexes

    Canva Editable Reels/Posts for Your Social Media Accounts

    Please share some some samples for motivation shorts and for interior
  4. Salexes

    ✅ Create 1000+ Facebook Accounts Per Day or More ✅ Make $500/Month Easily (Proven Method) ⭐ Lifetime Access

    Is it possible that the bot automatically creates an business manager and does the needed identity verification automatically?
  5. Salexes

    ✅ Create 1000+ Facebook Accounts Per Day or More ✅ Make $500/Month Easily (Proven Method) ⭐ Lifetime Access

    Which mobile ips are you using ? How much did the mobile ips cost you ?
  6. Salexes

    0$ E-Book | How to Create YouTube Videos in 5 Minutes

  7. Salexes

    Backconnect Rotating Proxy Pool AVAILABLE NOW from $44.25!✅ 25% Exclusive BHW Discount for LIFE⭐⭐⭐

    What would be the pricing for 2 Billion requests per month? Looking to implement it in my SaaS software
  8. Salexes

    Fresh 50,000 Proxies AVAILABLE NOW! HURRY! Elite Private Proxies from $1 | 25% BHW Discount for LIFE

    Give me 25% Lifetime Discount Coupon I am already a customer, is it possible to activate the 25% discount nontheless?
  9. Salexes


    Interested in the proxies! How big is the Datacenter proxy pool ? And how big is the residential proxy pool ? Is there any reviews for this service? Looking for long term solution/partnership
  10. Salexes - 100% Anonymous Rotating Proxies | HTTP/HTTPS & SOCKS5 & API | User Agent Switcher

    Can I change IP at every request? How many threads at the same time can I use? How big is the proxy pool? How exactly does your pricing work?
  11. Salexes

    ProxyScrape Fast, Stable Residential Proxies - 10 million proxy network, as low as $1.5 per GB

    Interested in the 50k IP Datacenter proxy package is there any bulk discount for such a big order ? Do you offer a trial ?
  12. Salexes

    DomDetailer - Cheaper Moz and Majestic stats API

    Is there a trial, to test the API once ?
  13. Salexes

    Looking to boost traffic to my $500k+ year Etsy shop

    Can you share more details, so i can see if I can give more detailed advice
  14. Salexes

    Everyone will get one free Wordpress Theme or Plug-in of your choice.

    MailMint Plugin (it's from same company that makes WPFunnels
  15. Salexes

    ✅ Surfinite - Anti-detect browser for all tasks ❗️7 days free trial❗️

    Which proxies do you recommend?
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